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Gadsden State Calendar – (Left) Christopher Gadsden, Revolutionary War hero and slave, built Gadsden’s Wharf on the Cooper River in 1774; (Right) The International African American Museum opens near Gadsden’s Wharf later this year. Senator Jones told WBRC FOX6 on Thursday that the bill has not been released to the public.

In an interview last week, he explained that it would likely build on last year’s law and phase out the tax over a 20-year period. “No professional tax — I’m a part-time employee,” he explains. “We will be letting go all part-time employees and some full-time employees. This will have a huge impact on the lives of people in Gadsden and the community.”

Gadsden State Calendar

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City Councilwoman Kay Davis spoke about Gadsden State’s enrollment in the past and expressed her thoughts on how to increase it at the Cherokee campus today. Other community feedback was also included; more coverage of pre-professional courses on campus, such as English, math and science, so that students are not forced to more distant campuses. Young

The idea of ​​building on campus or buying nearby purpose-built student housing was floated to attract students. Adult education and continuing education are also targeted because Cherokee and surrounding counties have adults 19 or older without a high school or college degree. “So we have massive layoffs,” Mayor Ford said.

.” “We’ll cut a third of the workforce. Services should be reduced. Nokkalula Falls should be closed. We should cut our police force, close half our fire stations. You should take out the trash every week.

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We are not trying to scare people. We only speak the truth. It makes our budget.” In that short time, tens of thousands of Africans, stolen from their homes, landed at Gadsden’s Wharf, the only place authorized by the city.

It became a place associated with human suffering, death and disease as greed for profit took over humanity. The port is significant because of what happened between the two subsequent March dates. On March 17, 1787, South Carolina voted to end the transatlantic slave trade for 15 years.

However, when the sale of enslaved people resumed in 1803, Gadsden’s Wharf called for a last-ditch effort to import as many Africans as possible until federal law was passed on March 2, 1807, requiring that such trade end forever.

At the end of that year. Murphy shared enrollment data with a group of about 20 community members at City Hall; During the summer term of 2022, Gadsden State’s Cherokee campus had one hundred and twenty-two students enrolled in eight hundred and three credit hours.

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In the fall, one hundred ninety-three students enrolled for one thousand two hundred forty-seven credit hours. This is on a campus with a capacity of more than 700 students and historically more than 400 students attending at one time.

Built by enslaved people and financed by wealthy merchant and Revolutionary War leader Christopher Gadsden, the 840-foot pier stretched from Lawrence to Calhoun streets and was the largest in the colony at the time, accommodating several ships at once.

But, that is why history is unknown. Kathy Murphy, president of Gadsden State Community College, held a town hall meeting Tuesday night at Gadsden’s Cherokee campus. The goal of the town hall is to gather community feedback on ways to increase campus enrollment.

Murphy convinced the audience that he was committed to Cherokee. Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford visited Sen. A few days ago to talk about a business tax bill he and several other mayors could send to the legislative session.

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Andrew met with Jones, but it didn’t go very far. In response, Mayor Ford says, employees may bring home a few more dollars, but they’ll spend more on fees. City residents estimate that a resident could pay about $200 more per month in higher garbage bills, higher home insurance, higher city service fees and higher car maintenance costs.

Renee Stokes has lived in Gadsden all her life. He says he worries about safety in the city if the business tax cut comes through, because it could cost police money, and he can’t sleep at night.

Gadsden, Alabama (WBRC) – Alabama’s legislative session begins in a few weeks and a senator plans to introduce a bill to cut occupational taxes. Several cities across the country say they rely on those taxes for funding.

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