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Colombia Holidays 2023 – Days 6-10: Continue to Medellin. Once one of the most dangerous places in the world, today this cosmopolitan city attracts travelers with its museums, restaurants, vibrant nightlife and much more. Take a short flight north from Cartagena to discover its stunning colonial architecture and the nearby Rosario Islands.

Colombia Calendar 2023 with Holidays is a stylish one-page calendar template free to download that uses black and red calendar colors. This is great for anyone looking for an online calendar to view or download to their computer.

Colombia Holidays 2023

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This holiday calendar can also be printed and edited. The Republic of Colombia currently celebrates 18 national holidays each year. Some of the holidays celebrated in the country of Colombia are religious. The date of such a holiday may also change every year, as their festival is calculated based on the lunar cycle.

Download Colombia Calendar – Sunday Start

See our List of Holidays in Colombia 2023 if you just need to download or print a list of holidays 2023 for Colombia. In Bogotá, you can explore the heartbeat of Colombia with the historic city center and many museums, restaurants and historical sites to visit.

There are also some big differences between neighborhoods in this city, where it’s easy to tell where the wealthy make their homes. However, the nightlife is quite exciting, especially around areas like the Zona Rosa. Days 1-2: Begin your adventure in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.

Explore La Candelaria, a beautiful historic district with colonial architecture, visit the city’s famous street art and stroll Plaza Bolivar, its main square. Colombia’s printable 2023 calendar shows a list of the country’s holidays for the entire year 2023. It is free to download in various formats (PDF, Word, and Excel).

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This Sunday Start calendar is designed with the months highlighted in light blue for easy visibility. In Cartagena, you will find a coastal city full of fun and history. In fact, the old town here is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you will find cobblestone streets, churches and beautiful balconies.

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In addition, you will find an attractive coastline and harbor where you can go on a boat trip or participate in some water sports. Of course, beaches are also available. Above is a list of declared public holidays 2023 in Colombia including federal, regional government holidays and popular festivals.

We also offer the Colombia Holiday Calendar for 2023 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable format online. This simple full year calendar for 2023 lists Colombia’s holidays for the entire year in one page. This Sunday Start Annual Calendar is available in portrait format for download as PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel.

The Colombia holidays calendar for 2023 is useful for those looking for a changeable calendar, a desktop calendar or a 12-month calendar to display. Colombian labor laws clearly state that all employers must give their employees one day off for every public holiday in the country.

The Bill, however, does not describe the method of payment to be followed by the parties. However, in many cases, employment contracts allow employees to expect paid days off due to public holidays. Medellin or the City of the Neverending Spring is a wonderful destination in the country that allows you to explore a rich history amidst perfect weather.

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Calendar For Colombia With Holidays

Many historical sites and buildings are located throughout the city, and the city itself is nestled in a bowl between the Andes Mountains, offering a beautiful backdrop for everything you can do. In addition, the markets and nightlife are especially fun for travelers.

The Colombia Calendar 2023 on this page includes a list of holidays in Colombia. Many styles are available for free download, printing, organizing and/or customizing. All single page annual calendars can be downloaded in Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF format.

You can create your own calendar using our custom calendar page Calendars to start on Monday or calendars with week numbers. Colombian monthly calendars are also available for free. There are several legal guidelines for ordering the celebration of public holidays in Colombia.

Most public holidays in this country are established as part of a national order and then honored from that point forward. Colombia’s Emiliani Law (enacted as rule fifty-one on December 6, 1983) mandated that most holidays be moved to the following Monday to ensure that the work week was not disrupted.

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However, the dates of Easter, Independence Day, Immaculate Conception and Christmas can never be changed. The free annual calendar lists holidays in Colombia for the year 2023. The 12 month single page calendar is available in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF format.

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This free calendar template starts with General Blue Sunday. It is editable, customizable, downloadable, printable and free. This colorful 2023 calendar with CO holidays has a streamlined design with minimal borders and light colors that highlight the quarters of the year.

The calendar is a single page
listing the 2023 holidays in Colombia. You can print the Sunday Start Holiday Calendar directly from the website using the PDF or Print buttons (if you don’t want to download the calendar before printing).

This Colombia Holidays Calendar 2023 Starting Sunday is available for download in PDF, Word and Excel format. The calendar is a page that includes a full 12 month calendar and a list of holidays in Colombia.

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This simple and classic design is one of the recommended versions for those looking for a printable calendar as it helps to save toner or ink when printing. Expedia has everything you need to make your adventure one to remember.

In just a few clicks, you can choose the best vacation package in Colombia for you. Book your flights then choose from 13,985 hotels starting from £55 per night. You’ll get a great discount just by combining your bookings.

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Why not add some trips to your package with the money you save? Swim in the exquisite waters of the Rosario Islands, or hike into the hills on a coffee plantation to discover why Colombian coffee is so famous.

Days 3-5: Pick up your rental car and drive to the beautiful village of Salento, famous for its colorful painted facade and coffee plantations. Visit a coffee plantation and walk through the otherworldly Cocora Valley – home of the giant wax palm.

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It is noteworthy that most people in Colombia celebrate the entire week of Easter – the country is a strongly Catholic country. Although only four of these two days are considered national holidays, and two are on the weekend, it is now common practice for businesses in Colombia to be closed for the entire Holy Week.

San Andres is a popular beach town where you’ll find crystal clear waters and plenty to see and do. One of the most popular activities here is scuba diving where you can get a whole new perspective on the natural environment of the area.

Within the city itself, you can enjoy some of the best seafood in the country as well as fun markets to shop.

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