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Wythe County Public Schools Calendar – “Justin Ray Reed’s neighbors contacted our office and reported that he was shooting guns at all hours of the day and night,” Vaughth wrote. “Reed has been seen hanging out in front of the Sheriff’s Office after hours in the middle of the night and early morning for the past few weeks watching the Sheriff’s Office employees.”

According to police and information in the court order, Reed, who was armed with a fully loaded AR-15-style rifle and a 9mm handgun, walked to a grassy area in front of Fort Chiswell High School before turning himself in.

Wythe County Public Schools Calendar

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Turned on US heading north. On the side of the road. Coming out of jail via video and after speaking with his lawyer in the court, Justin Ray Reid, 27 years of Max Meadows did not resist the public pressure to extend an emergency order obtained after Reid’s arrest on four felony charges.

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Taken by the school resource officer D.W. Vaught, the temporary — and now 180-day — order prohibits Reed from owning or buying firearms while in prison. Passed by the General Assembly in 2020, the law targets people who are believed to be at “substantial risk” of harming themselves or others.

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Breaking the mitzvah is a crime.

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