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Mississippi State 2023 Calendar – *Drop – If you decide to drop one or more classes from a particular *term while remaining enrolled in at least one course. Failing a course will result in a grade of “W” and tuition plus additional fees will be charged. (5) Armistice Day (Veterans Day) shall be observed by appropriate exercises in all public schools in the State of Mississippi. The superintendent of schools of each public school district is authorized to provide for the appearance of uniformed military personnel, uniformed veterans, or families of deceased military personnel/veterans at such public school Armistice (Veterans) Day exercises. The superintendent of schools is also authorized to permit the school band and its director(s) in any public school in the area to perform Armistice (Veterans) Day drills in the school district at the request of state officials or veterans associations without loss of any programming credit from participating students and no loss of leave from participating school personnel. (2) In lieu of any one (1) legal holiday provided for in subsection (1) of this section, except the third Monday in January (the birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Martin Luther King, Jr.) and the eleventh day of November ( Armistice Day or Veterans Day), the governing bodies of any municipality or county may, by order published in the minutes, declare Mardi Gras Day, or any (1) other day during the year, to be a legal holiday. *Withdrawal – If you are enrolled in a course(s) from the first day of the *term and choose not to attend, you withdraw from the term. Withdrawal will result in a grade of “W” and a percentage, if not all, of tuition will be due depending on the effective date of withdrawal. Mississippi State University is an equal opportunity institution. Discrimination in university employment, programs or activities based on race, color, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, US veteran status or other protected status under applicable law is prohibited. (3) August 16 is declared as Elvis Aaron Presley Day in recognition and appreciation of Elvis Aaron Presley’s many contributions, international recognition and the rich legacy left to us by Elvis Aaron Presley. This day is a day of recognition and celebration and is not recognized as a legal holiday. (4) May 8 is declared Hernando de Soto Day in recognition, commemoration, and commemoration of Hernando de Soto, who led the first and most impressive expedition ever made by Europeans into the wilds of North America and the state of Mississippi, and in further recognition of the Spanish explorer’s 187-day journey from the Tombigbee River basin on our state’s eastern border, west to the site of the discovery of the Mississippi River on May 8, 1541. This day will be a day of remembrance, recognition and commemorating Hernando de Soto and European exploration and is not recognized as a legal holiday.

Mississippi State 2023 Calendar

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