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Free Printable February 2023 Calendar – February is the last month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and is named after the Roman festival of Februa. Fabrua was a purification festival where people were ritually washed, and the Roman god Fabrus was actually named after this festival.

This February 2023 online editable calendar is a monthly calendar with US holidays and holidays but you can edit and add your own events. Go ahead and edit and print your owner’s calendar! is a one-stop destination for all calendar needs.

Free Printable February 2023 Calendar

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Our free printable 2023 calendars are available as Microsoft Word documents, Open Office formats, PDFs and image formats. We provide a variety of printable yearly and monthly calendars. is not affiliated with Microsoft. We provide a printable 2023 calendar here on our website.

What Is The February Month Meaning?

All monthly and yearly calendars are available for free. You can download and print any of our formats as many times as you want. Print our calendar and note your holidays, events and other important dates.

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Our calendar can be used to better organize your daily activities. All our February 2023 calendars have enough space to record appointments, goals, tasks or any other important events so they are widely used as business planners 2023, holiday planners February 2023, exam planners 2023, etc.

February’s birthstone is the beautiful purple amethyst. In addition to being the February birthstone, amethyst is also considered a spiritual stone with natural healing powers for insomnia, nightmares, and feelings of guilt and self-deception. There are two zodiac signs for people whose birthdays fall in February.

Depending on the date you were born, you will be an Aquarius (water bearer) or a Pisces (fish). Aquarius birthdays fall between January 20 and February 18 while Pisces birthdays fall between February 19 and March 20.

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Editable Calendar February

The 2023 calendar you download from is printable. Sufficient spacing is provided to help you mark your activities. This calendar is designed to be used by people from all walks of life. The 2023 calendar can be used as a school calendar to note exam schedules, college calendars to mark important seminar dates, corporate calendars, business calendars.

, personal calendar and event calendar. World of Printables was founded by husband and wife team, Ellie and Don, who together have 20+ years of design experience. Together they have written thousands of articles from crafts, design, DIY and home decor.

Ellie has designed a wide variety of printables, templates and worksheets to help people plan and organize their day, teach their children and decorate their home. Eli’s goal is to help you get the most out of your life, your family and your home.

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Learn more. You can download and print directly and then enter the events on the February 2023 calendar printed sheet. Our calendar is free. Choose any calendar style listed below to print or download and enjoy.


Our February 2023 calendar is available as a printable PDF and GIF format. Here, some February calendars are available in landscape page layout that can be printed on A4 size paper. Most free printable February 2023 calendars have weekdays starting with Sunday.

The paper has a good weight and works well with inkjet and laser printers, making the ink crisp and clear. If you want something heavier, this card stock is a great option that is used a lot in the printable community.

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If you like exotic holidays then February has many unique and wonderful holidays to celebrate along with some popular national holidays. Let’s take a look at some of them and see what we can look forward to in February.

Once you download your free printable February 2023 calendar, you can save it and print it as often as needed. All you need is Adobe Reader or a similar PDF reader to print our PDF calendar templates.

February Calendar

Style it – Style your calendar! Add them to a display frame for a stunning display, a poster hanger for a boho look or tie your own for a store bought look! See more ideas on how to style a printable calendar template to match your home decor!

All of our calendars are ready to print in US letter size (8.5 x 11”) and will also print on A4 size paper, but can easily be resized to fit any of your paper size requirements.

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