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More Time Moms Calendar 2023 – I have been buying the MTM calendar for 5 years now and I love it! 3 kids + 1 person = a lot of schedules to keep track of! Big boxes are perfect. Stickers are good because some things stand out.

I don’t know how many years I have been buying the Family Planner, at least 10 or more. He keeps a close eye on my schedule and appointments. I like big boxes with plenty of writing space.

More Time Moms Calendar 2023

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Finally, spirals are great for back and forth pages. No other calendar has these. I’m about to buy my 18th MTM calendar, which should tell you we love it. Our kids are now adults with babies and I still use this “best” calendar.

Even though it’s just the two of us now, we’re both regularly added to the calendar, which is the first thing we see when planning our day or week. Large lined squares are the BEST! We have tried filing claims and still prefer the MTM record.

I kept each of the previous years as a sort of ‘diary’ of the past. Easy to take out and look at. I am very happy to help a Canadian company. I highly recommend this calendar to anyone.

I received my new Family Organizer calendar today and I absolutely love it! I fell in love with this calendar a few years ago, but last year I chose to go with another one and regretted it every day.

I’m excited to see my favorite features: inspirational quotes, recipes, large writing spaces, and to-do lists. It’s just awesome. And I love the new stickers. I work part time outside the home. I am a freelance writer.

AND I am a mother of two school age children. Keeping track of their schedule, my schedule, and my husband’s schedule can be a lot of work, but this schedule makes it a joy. Thanks for a great tool to keep my family organized and healthy!

Everyone in the family knows that we put everything into this organizer and that we are all equal. I make this request with a heavy heart. Looking on the bright side I can put the college schedule and basketball games, homecoming, vacations and fun stuff in the next one.

I’ve been using Family Planner since 1998…and still have all of them! They are much more than keeping records, activities and events… they are a trip down memory lane, a scrapbook of history, a “do you remember when?”

a trip back in time. My kids don’t live at home anymore, but I still use the Family Planner and they know exactly where to look if they need to know what’s going on in my house

…and now they are using it in their own homes! Thank you for such a well-rounded product that spans generations! I bought this calendar in the middle of January this year, it’s great. I love how big the boxes are for each day.

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There is plenty of space to write on them. This is the best feature of this calendar. Monthly budgets are good. I will definitely buy again. I have had this calendar for over 8 years and will never use another one.

The blocks for the day are big enough for my handwriting, I can see everything clearly and there is plenty of space for busy days. I’ve purchased directly from the website, through their​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​national​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ value. They have all been great experiences, I even got a special order from a local business one year and then remembered to buy it and kept one for the next year.

. Whenever I order from the MTM website it is always great customer service and fast shipping. For all the busy moms out there, make life a little less stressful with this awesome calendar! Inspired by seasonal letters, this fun printable calendar will help you organize your weeks or inspire you to plan your next vacation.

Enjoy! I have used this calendar to keep my family of 7 organized for years. I love the big daily blocks and the paper. If I use a pencil, I can erase it! There is no clear paper here.

I keep the calendar for each year as a reminder of what we did each year. My only complaint is that the calendar starts in September. I like to put my whole school year on a calendar and our school activities start in August.

We’ve used this great broadsheet calendar since kindergarten…it’s the one place we can all go to see what’s going on for the rest of our lives without having to ‘ ask each other…it has a special place on our kitchen magazine table that is accessible to all.

ours….we also keep a pen attached to a long elastic next to our calendar so we never have to look for something to write on…and since then we’ve added a yellow highlighter to that too …thanks for doing it.

A calendar we love to use design and share!!!!! My wife and I love your calendars! We have used our children since they were in elementary school, and now they are in college and high school.

Your large writing spaces help us keep track of various events, and your stickers (and their many categories) keep us going. I love that you can see the whole month at a glance, space to write for each day, stickers, mini recipes, extra writing space and more, just the perfect Family Calendar.

My husband and kids love it more than I do! I have been using this calendar for our family of 5 for about 10 years. I will not use another one. The boxes are large, lined, and allow you to organize things from morning to night.

There is plenty of space to write down upcoming goals and ideas and I can write big enough for the whole family to read too! Thank you for a reliable and quality product from Canada! We have been using your family planner for about 7 years now.

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I couldn’t call Tucson or get anywhere I went. I didn’t know how I would function without him. Then I found your website and this problem was solved forever. Mother of 4 sons, the last of them twins and she graduated in May 2008. I sat down at the computer to apply and burst into tears.

How could time pass so quickly? I found this calendar years ago and have been using it ever since! I have a busy family of 5 and the inside of our pantry door has a place for all of our family members to write their schedules and see what is planned for the day/week.

It has helped me a lot in keeping my family organized! I love! Thank you so much for thinking of the moms, dads and kids who have used this organizer. It was something we could not live with.

I think I will get one for each boy next year and keep the special letter we write to them on the first day of college as a surprise. I have also been using this calendar for family gift giving for the holidays.

One Christmas I was late ordering these calendars and everyone was very afraid that they would have to go without them. He likes the stickers. Love organization and writing space. I wish I could leave the graphics in black and white so my kids can easily color in or design and cover them with my graphic stickers for the month!

This calendar, year after year, has kept our family organized and informed. I rarely get asked “what’s going on today?” because I fill this calendar with everyone’s activities, roles and plans. No more guesswork. I have been using this calendar since 2007!!!

So many places to add the events of our lives! Yes, I tried another large calendar, it was dull and boring. Lots of energy! But More Time Moms is a blast! You should smile every day when you see something!

Use this for the past 10 years and my whole family can be updated on important dates, meetings, celebrations… with just one glance. It only takes 10 minutes to complete once a month and is faster and easier than any calendar app.

It really does look like a newspaper, too. Need to check something from a few years ago…get out the old calendar and check it out. I can’t remember where I bought my first MTM calendar, but I will never use another one!

MTM has seen us through elementary school, high school, and now college. Although I don’t use stickers, my girls use them in their calendars. I code all our episodes so the whole family knows what to watch.

I have been using this system for at least 15 years and now two friends swear by the colander too. The spaces are large and I like the two page format. I have kept all the calendars I have used and they are a great way to remember some of the things our family has done over the years.

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Thank you! This is the BEST calendar to keep track of your family. I read somewhere that you should have a family center and put everyone’s schedule on the phone…this is my family organizer. I have been shopping since 2002 and I love it!!!

I shop in August so I can post the whole school year as soon as I get the school calendar. Love the stickers and the big squares to write down everyone’s activities. It is the BEST!!!

I have used many other styles of “Mom” calendars and this one is the best… It has lots of room to write in, perfect for when you are a family of 6! I accidentally bought the wrong calendar while at the store … I love stickers.

I found this calendar last year by sheer luck and I no longer use it. Once you find perfection, you stick to it. Plus this is from Canada…bonus! I’ve probably been using your calendar for 20 years or as long as you’ve sold it!

My twins are now 27 and one is married! But I still need this calendar to keep track of birthdays, holidays, meetings and vacations. Yes, I have my work calendars and email, but nothing that hits me in the face every time I walk through the kitchen.

This calendar was a great tool for keeping our family of six organized as we raised our four children. We use it every year since 2005. We still have the old ones and look back to see what we have done over the years.

I like the large squares for writing daily appointments, etc. Stickers were great when kids were little. Since our youngest is 20 and the oldest three are on their own, I’m thinking of switching to a cooling calendar.

I know it will be as good as the family organizer. Thank you for making such a high quality schedule. I received this Organizer as a gift ten years ago and have claimed it for myself ever since.

This organizer has helped my entire family, especially my three successful teenagers stay on track, progress, and stay focused. Thank you More Time Moms for everything you have done for me! I love the pocket! Especially for party invitations and sports/club flyers.

I can record the time and place on my calendar, and put the invitation in my pocket for easy reference of the address or other information when I leave home for the event . My husband and two high school sons know this is our complete family calendar, with enough squares for everyone’s scheduled events.

Thank you! More Time Moms Family Organizer® is the original, best selling and best tool on the market to help you prioritize your family schedule and keep your home organized. This family organizer features the largest squares, 2.1″ x 3.5″, for plenty of writing space, the best stickers to remind you of important events, and a pocket to store bills and loose papers.

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The sense of well-being and organization you get will be liberating. When you use our planner calendar, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it I’ve been using the Family Planner for more years than
I care to remember.

It hangs on the bulletin board outside our kitchen. I call the calendar “Mission Control” because I’d be lost without it! My daughters are 17 and 21 now, and even though we don’t have as many swimming, diving, birthday parties, gymnastics, etc. to keep track of these days, I still rely on him

this calendar to keep us organized. . Thanks for such a valuable resource! I have been a customer for many years. However, last year I thought I would just use the “free” calendars that are abundant at the end of the year.

ONLY, ONLY, AGAIN!!!! Not having my calendar/organizer(s) this year made me realize how reliable I was. I am delighted to see you offer an annual membership. I agree!!! Thank you for such a wonderful and necessary thing.

As long as you keep producing the MTM Family Organizer, I’ll be your customer! This is the best calendar I have ever used with a variety of stickers for events at a glance, a happy layout on many of its pages.

This calendar is a 16 month calendar rather than a twelve month calendar, I have been buying this calendar for years. With five kids, it’s nice and big enough to fit everyone’s activities. Kids know to check the calendar for updates, and they love using stickers.

I received this calendar as a gift years ago and it truly changed my life. 2 years later, I received another calendar (another gift). I went 5 months (literally forced, so I could say I tried) and I couldn’t deal with it anymore.

Half way through the year I had to buy another MTM. Your product isn’t better, it’s better. Thank you for giving me something that helps (not hinders) and keeps the quality so consistently high that I need look no further.

This calendar was a great tool for keeping our family of six organized as we raised our four children. We use it every year since 2005. We still have the old ones and look back to see what we have done over the years.

I like the large squares for writing daily appointments, etc. Stickers were great when kids were little. Since our youngest is 20 and the oldest three are on their own, I’m thinking of switching to a cooling calendar.

I know it will be as good as the family organizer. Thank you for making such a high quality schedule.

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