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Will Mail Be Delivered January 2 2023 – Below is the table of public holidays for this year and next year. The post office is closed and no mail is delivered on the dates specified. This year (2022), you must ship your USPS ground packages by December 17 to destinations in the United States.

Closing dates for international packages start from November 29. Yes, mail and packages are delivered on Black Friday. USPS, UPS and FedEx all deliver on Black Friday. In the United States, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in November.

Will Mail Be Delivered January 2 2023

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It’s not a federal holiday, but a day retailers use to promote sales and discount prices to kick off the holiday shopping season. Regular USPS mail will not be delivered on January 2, 2023. Priority packages are delivered under certain circumstances.

Does Mail Run On Black Friday?

If you expect something urgently, please keep an eye on the tracking number. Otherwise you have to be careful tomorrow. Although physical facilities are closed, some post office services are available online 24/7, including holidays. With a USPS.com account, you can order stamps, print shipping labels, order boxes and other mailing supplies, and pick up packages.

Chances are the post office is open unless it’s a Sunday or federal holiday. However, some post offices are closed on Saturdays. To find the daily opening hours of your local post office, you can go to this link.

Enter your city and state or zip code, then click the “Search” button. Locations of Post Offices near you, including their store hours, will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below. It is impossible for us to know exactly how these will affect the mail delivery process and we recommend waiting a few days for your schedule to ensure your mailings are delivered on time.

Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to things beyond our control. Postalytics customers can easily adapt to potential delays. Our advanced scheduling tools and incredible time savings we offer compared to traditional direct mail allow our customers to maximize the ROI of their mailings at any time of the year.

Post Office Hours

With heavy spending taking place during the biggest shopping season of the year, catalog shipping companies are very active. Most catalogers expect to have their books in the mail for the last major holiday the week after Thanksgiving.

Recommended shipping dates are posted by USPS to ensure your package reaches its intended recipient on time. To get an idea of ​​shipping dates during the holidays, you can check service alerts. Shipping deadlines for Christmas and holidays are listed here by USPS.

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Be sure to ship your packages before the recommended shipping dates. U.S. The Postal Service observes 11 public holidays each year, including February, which is federally recognized as Washington’s birthday, but recognized by the Postal Service as Presidents’ Day.

Post offices will be closed on Monday, February 20, and the Postal Service will not deliver regular mail or parcels on that date. * If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is considered a holiday for most USPS employees for pay and holiday benefits.

Mail-By Deadlines

For most USPS employees, if a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is considered a holiday for pay and vacation purposes. UPS, Fed Ex and Amazon are not public companies, so their trucks are back on the road today.

Don’t be surprised if some delivery services are limited, so keep an eye on your tracking number. But don’t plan on going to a UPS or Fed Ex store – most locations will be closed on January 2nd.

Yes – Mail will be delivered on Flag Day, June 14th. This is not a national holiday, so mail will be delivered unless June 14th falls on a Sunday, when the USPS does not normally deliver.

Although we know that fewer people are sending personal notes and letters through the mail than ever before, holiday greeting cards are still very popular. In fact, approximately 1.5 billion Christmas cards are sold each year, representing 60% of all cards.

Is Mail Delivered On Flag Day?

Many of these dropped through the mail in hopes of being delivered before Christmas. The United States Postal Service plans to maintain ground and air service during Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Giving Tuesday. Remember that mail volume usually skyrockets during this time.

Higher volumes usually mean longer processing times. USPS employees have a lot to do during Thanksgiving week. Some of the factors that led to a sharp slowdown in the Standard class in 2020 are likely to play a lesser role this year.

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While the global pandemic is still a major concern, the impact on the package delivery system (including FedEx and UPS) is not expected to be severe. No. Your local post office is closed today. That means if you have a holiday return or a late gift to ship, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Our postal workers have worked tirelessly all year to deliver our packages and mail, and they certainly deserve a day off. Well, 2022 is officially in the books. For most of us, that means we’ll be back to our normal schedule on January 2nd.

Greeting Cards

But this year New Year falls on Sunday. Many restaurants and shops are closed on New Year’s Day, but what does that mean for businesses that are normally closed on Sundays? They often observe a holiday and give their employees a well-deserved day off on the following Monday.

Such is the case with New Year’s Day 2023. Standard Class Mail is handled by USPS after First Class and Parcel delivery. Delays are likely w
hen regional or local peaks occur and equipment problems occur anywhere in the supply chain.

As the USPS prepares for a huge increase in first class and parcel delivery, holiday direct mail sent via standard class is taking a hit. Standard class mail attacked during the peak of the holiday season may be delivered in a roughly normal time frame, but it may also be significantly delayed.

In 2020, we have many customers who received delivery in late January with standard mail sent in mid-December. We recommend getting ahead of other mailers – don’t wait! First Class Direct Mail is the highest priority for the USPS, and the peak holiday season increases delivery differences between First and Standard Class Mail.

Is The Post Office Open Today?

For this reason, we recommend using the Postaltics First Class option for direct mail during the holiday season. Above is the schedule of Post Office holidays in 2023 when mail is not delivered. USPS may have reduced hours on some holidays.

If you are working with an emergency mail delivery service, you should check with your local USPS office for exact holiday hours. A post office holiday is also available as an iCal calendar for many countries;

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You may want to import them to your smartphone. This year, New Year’s Day is a federal holiday as it falls on Sunday, January 2, 2023. That means all non-essential government offices, including courts and the stock exchange, will be closed.

Many services provided by the government, such as garbage collection, are not functioning today. Most banks are closed and there are no plans to visit your local library. But do you have to go to the mailbox?

Postalytics Recommends Standard Class Mailing No Later Than November Th For Delivery Before Christmas

To check specific hours of operation for your local USPS location, visit the official locator page on the USPS site. The USPS also publishes news about the status of local post offices on their Newsroom page.

Several factors come together to highlight the USPS Direct Mail delivery system during the holiday season. The USPS delivers nearly 15 billion pieces of mail and 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Everything you need to know about the Post Office, mail delivery, FedEx and UPS on Monday, January 2 (2/1/2023), the New Year’s Day holiday, including whether they are open or closed.

(AP Photo/Nati Hornick, File) Over the past few holiday seasons (2020 and 2021), the USPS has had a tough time dealing with increases in package volume, which has led to difficulties in direct mail delivery, especially with Standard Class.

or marketing mail. Easter falls on March 22 and April 25 as well, with no post-holidays in March or April. Good Friday is not a federal holiday (although it is a national holiday) and does not affect your post office hours or mail delivery.

First Class Direct Mail Holiday Planning

While the USPS will do its best to deliver First Class Mail on a standard timeline, delays will inevitably occur. The week of December 14-21 is a busy one for first class mail, with over 3 billion first class mails expected to be delivered because of those Christmas cards.

The important thing to understand is the differences in how the USPS treats their classes of mail. Standard mail is significantly affected by the holiday season, while first class mail is generally less affected. Due to delays in direct mail delivery during the holiday season, we are seeing more customers opt for first class than usual this time of year.

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The United States Postal Service posts public holidays here. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday is usually celebrated on Monday. If the holiday falls on Saturday, the holiday will be celebrated on that Saturday.

The holidays observed are given in the following tables. You can find the official list of federal holidays with the Office of Personnel Management here and also USPS-specific holidays in the USPS Employee and Labor Relations Manual.

Give Yourself A Buffer — Add Time To Your Schedule

Flag Day is one of six days each year when postal operators must fly the POW-MIA flag, which flies under the US flag. The flag honors the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces who are reported as prisoners of war or missing.

As e-commerce sales continue to grow, parcel delivery is a top priority for USPS during the holiday season. Some estimates call for e-commerce sales to grow by 33% again this year. By the week of December 10, the USPS expects to deliver 200 million packages a week through Christmas.

Returns begin immediately after Christmas. There has been a lot of news about the new First Class service standards adding 2-3 days to delivery times for some addresses. A big problem for marketers during the holiday season is that direct mail delivery from the USPS slows down during the holiday season, with volumes increasing after Thanksgiving.

Along with the huge increase in mail and parcel delivery volume, there were also many days when the USPS was completely closed. As we head into 2023, here’s a list of key dates to keep in mind when planning your direct mail delivery for the holiday season:

Usps Holidays In

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