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Wine Calendar 2023 – Pinot Noir or GTFO! But seriously. Drink Pinot Noir. Everyday. Day of the week. Pinot Noir is the main red wine of Burgundy, one of the wines of Champagne, and is lovingly made in many cooler wine regions such as Oregon and Central Otago, NZ.

Pinot Noir Day 2023 is August 18, 2023. August 18 is always designated as International Pinot Noir Day. #pinotnoirday May 24: Get to know the day when the US finally made its mark on the world of wine.

Wine Calendar 2023

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Check out some of our favorite wine movies that cover the topic: Bottle Shock and Somm 3. Hi friends, I’m Anna Maria. I am a certified sommelier and owner of Chania Wine Tours. I love to talk about wine and teach others to taste and enjoy wine.

International Pinot Noir Day Is August

This is a place of learning, so please contact me and let me know how I can help you understand wine a little more. More about me. Grenache is an amazing wine. It is very good if it is mixed with Syrah and Mourvedre in a Rhone style blend.

You can find single varietal Grenache wines from parts of California, Garnacha in Spain and even Crete! The Grenache Association in France started Grenache Day to highlight this important grape. Grenache Day is always the third Friday in September.

Use the hashtag #GrenacheDay to celebrate Grenache Day 2023. Even though Merlot is one of the world’s greatest grapes, it probably never gets it. On International Merlot Day 2023, be sure to honor Merlot for playing a supporting role in the world’s best wines without standing out like its older brother, Cab Sauv.

Just saying. International Merlot Day is always celebrated on November 7. Hashtags #internationalmerlotday or #merlotday are used. Chardonnay is the most famous white wine in the world. Now, I know some people “hate Chardonnay” and frankly, I’m one of them.

Anniversary Of The Judgement Of Paris

BUT it’s a certain type of Chardonnay, and it’s generally an overpowered and buttery Chardonnay from a New World wine region, I’m looking at you, California. Chardonnay is also a grape in white Burgundy and one of the grapes in Champagne.

So you see? There are many opportunities to participate in International Chardonnay Day on May 25, 2023! It is celebrated on the Thursday before the American Memorial Day at the end of May. This year both Chardonnay Day and National Wine Day fall on the same day.

Good luck out there! Use #internationalchardonnayday or simply #chardonnayday. Carignan always plays second or third fiddle to the more famous wine in Spain (where it is called Carinena) and France, and which has been blended. I think it deserves its own day and recognition, so I fully support Carignan Day 2023!

Give Carignan some love every October 29th. #CarignanDay Fall in love with Cava on International Cava Day 2023. Cava is a sparkling wine made in Catalonia, Spain. Cava is made in the traditional method with sparkling wine from Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada grapes.

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International Grenache Day Is September

April 23rd is San Jordi Day in Spain, a day with many traditions that definitely involves lots of bubbly. Tell the world you’re celebrating International Cava Day with #cavaday. Cap Classique is an exceptional sparkling wine from South Africa.

In 2019, the Cap Classique Association started this wine holiday. The first bottle of MCC or Cap Classique was released in 1971. Cap Classique Day 2023 will be even more special because they could not celebrate their 50th anniversary last year due to the pandemic.

Read more about it here. Celebrate with the hashtag #capclassiqueday. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and buy the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

All opinions remain my own. Maratheftiko, Maratheftiko, Maratheftiko! Say that 3 times fast, I dare you. Maratheftiko is a red wine from the island of Cyprus. If you find it difficult to tell, it is also known as Vamvakada, Vamvakina, Pampakia, Mavrosportiko and Aloupostafylo.

International Merlot Day Is November

You must try this amazing bottle of Cypriot wine. It is an old wine that is quite quirky. 2021 is the first year that International Maratheftiko Day will be celebrated. Be sure to grab a bottle for 2023. #maratheftikoday.

For more information please visit the official website. Whether you call it mulled wine, glühwein, vin chaud, vino caliente or glögg, you should celebrate mulled wine day in 2023. Enjoy this mulled wine recipe that I made especially for mulled wine day.

Mulled wine is basically red wine served with fruit and spices. Be warned, I was unexpectedly drunk making this mulled wine recipe. I did this for you so it was worth the sacrifice. Glöggdagen is celebrated every year on March 3.

Hashtag #Gløggdag. It’s summer, and it’s a day, what’s the chance you accidentally celebrated National White Wine Day 2023? For me? Slim to nothing. Do you prefer dry or sweet wine? Try completely different white wines such as Vidiano from Crete, Godello from Sicily or Debit from Croatia.

International Chardonnay Day Is May

National White Wine Day is celebrated on August 4th every year. #nationalwhitewineday With so much Champagne still around after the New Year, maybe early January is the perfect time to celebrate this wine and food match!

We wait until the 10th, when most people have given up on their weight loss resolutions and are dying for some fries. Oh, it also happened to be my birthday. Kleopatra has designed this amazing t-shirt that you can also buy to show your love of Champagne and fries.

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Tag #Champagneandfriesday to show you’re participating. This list is really good and very helpful. For March 13, however, we are not talking about Riesling Day, but Riesling Birthday and we are also using the hashtag #rieslingbirthday.

We also have very nice pictures that we can give you if you want. You can see it here: WSET Wine, Spirits and Sake qualifications at levels 1 to 3 (except level 3 awards in spirits) are regulated by Ofqual.

International Carignan Day Is October

WSET qualifications are not a guarantee of employment or career development, and are not part of a set qualification framework outside the UK. Life is a Cabernet! Sorry guys, it’s hard to find interesting things to say about all 50 of these wine holidays.

You also have to accept my corny. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most common red wine in the world. There are many values ​​around the world. Try one from Chile, Australia or South Africa. Cabernet Day 2023 is the first Thursday in September.

It’s the perfect time to celebrate Cabernet Day as the weather is starting to cool down in the Northern Hemisphere. Use the hashtag #cabernetday to see who else is participating. Cabernet Franc is the proud ancestor of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carmenere, but few have heard of it.

Discover this underrated wine on Cabernet Franc Day 2023, celebrated every year on December 4. May I suggest a Cabernet Franc from Villany, Hungary? I fell more in love with Cab Franc after visiting it. Use the hashtag #CabernetFrancDay or #CabFrancDay.

International Cava Day Is April

Pinotage is a red grape that is popular in South Africa but rarely grown elsewhere. It’s a hybrid variety, and if you remember anything from biology class, it means a combination of Pinot Noir and Cinsault.

I have found that people either love or hate pinotage. You won’t know until you try. What better time than on International Pinotage Day 2023! The holiday is always celebrated on the 2nd Saturday in October.

Use #PinotageDay on social media to show everyone what you’re celebrating. I also started my own wine holiday with my friend, Kleopatra Bright. On January 10, 2023, the third annual Champagne and French Fries Day will be celebrated.

If you know more types who celebrate a day, please leave a comment. Cheers! If you’ve been following this blog for more than 2 minutes, you know I’m a Carmenere fan. If you haven’t tried Carmenere, Carmenere Day 2023 is your chance.

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Cap Classique Day Is September

The first holiday marks the anniversary of Carmenere’s recognition in Chile. World Carmenere Day is always celebrated on November 24. Malbec is originally from France, but it is Argentina that has made this wine famous to a new generation.

Malbec is a red grape that makes bold wines. If you haven’t experienced Malbec, you are seriously missing out. If you need some Malbec food pairing ideas for World Malbec Day 2023, check out this list of 41 Malbec Food Pairing Ideas.

World Malbec Day is always celebrated on April 17. Hashtag #WorldMalbecDay Zinfandel is one of the best wines from California, although its origin may be Croatia. An organization of Zin growers and producers came together to start this wine holiday to give Zinfandel its due.

National Zinfandel Day is celebrated on the 3rd Wednesday in November. Zinfandel Day 2023 is November 15th. Use the hashtag #zinfandelday Wine Tourism Day 2023 is the perfect day to visit a winery. Many wineries around the world have “open doors,” meaning that even if they don’t have a dedicated tasting room, they open their cellar doors and invite wine lovers inside.

International Maratheftiko Day Is December

Wine Tourism Day is always celebrated on November 12, although some regions choose to open their doors on the weekend closest to that date. Use the hashtag #winetourismday Have you ever experienced wine from Serbia? Me neither!

Let’s make it a point to find this wine together on Prokupac Day 2023, okay? Prokupac is the most important wine in Serbia that has been around for centuries! Wine lovers in Serbia are holding events throughout the week to honor Prokupac and raise awareness of the precious wine.

Want to learn more? Prokupac Day is always celebrated on October 14. #prokupacday If you want to learn more, discover the style and quality of wines made from 22 grape varieties produced in more than 70 regions around the world.

Go to our qualifications page to find out more about the Level 2 Award in Wines. October seems to be the month for clear wines just trying to gain some recognition. That’s what wine holidays and various days are all about!

Mulled Wine Day Is March

I don’t know what Vranec, Prokupac or Mavrud would be without them! “Le Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived!” Beaujolais Nouveau Poé may be the original wine holiday. Beaujolais Nouveau Poé celebrates the release of the first wine from the vintage.

There is a rush to get all the wine to market on the same day all over the world – the magic of the supply chain. For Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2023, I plan to go to France to witness the day in person.

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join? Beaujolais Nouveau is always on the third Thursday in November. Use the hashtag #BeaujolaisNouveauDay. Riesling Day is a celebration of Riesling’s birthday. Apparently Riesling will be 588 in 2023. It looks good for its age.

This white wine comes from Germany but is grown all over the world. Not all Rieslings are sweet. Pick up a Trocken Riesling to sample the best dry wine in Germany. If you like sweet wine, read this.

National White Wine Day Is August

Riesling Day is celebrated on the same day every year, March 13. Use the hashtag #rieslingbirthday or grab a Logic & Riesling t-shirt! June 13: The best thing about celebrating rosé is that there are so many different styles to choose from!

Choose your favorite and drink up. (Apparently there are 2 competing “rosé days” – one is the fourth Frid
ay in June and the other is June 13.) Mid-February is the perfect time to celebrate Syrah Day.

This full-bodied, spicy wine will warm you up in the dead of winter (sorry Southern Hemisphere!). International Syrah Day is always celebrated on February 16. Use the hashtag #syrahday to let everyone know you’re celebrating. Need advice on what to pair with Syrah?

Check out these 30+ suggestions. Xinomavro is the main grape in northern Greece. Although it has been compared to Nebbiolo or even Pinot Noir, Xinomavro is actually a marvel in its own right. Wine producers in northern Greece joined together to start the International Xinomavro Day to raise awareness of this precious wine.

Cabernet Day Is September

Use this Greek food pairing guide to help you celebrate. This is always celebrated on November 1. I want to try to celebrate Xinomavro Day 2023 in Northern Greece, should we be a group trip? Use the hashtag #internationalxinomavroday or #xinomavroday.

Tell European producers that all Moscato is a sweet wine and watch their heads explode. Although sweet stuff is not my taste, always drink what you like, but I can encourage you to try dry Moscato or dry Muscat today.

If you like the sweet kind, try Moscato d’Asti and spicy Mexican food for World Moscato Day 2023. It’s always celebrated on May 9. Celebrate with the hashtag #worldmoscatoday. There are dozens of songs that mention Moscato when you need inspiration for the day.

Lambrusco is fighting back from its bad reputation by creating a day where everyone can know the quality bottles of this red bubble. Why not! Lambrusco Day is always June 21. Use the hashtag #lambruscoday to celebrate Lambrusco Day 2023 This is the third year International Viognier Day has been celebrated.

Cabernet Franc Day Is December

It started with the famous wine producer in Australia, Yalumba. Viognier is the white wine that triggers the most smell memory for me and is next one of my favorite wines. Its spiritual home is the northern Rhone Valley in France, but beautiful expressions are made in California, Australia and the rest of the New World.

International Viognier Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April every year, so it will be April 28, 2023. Use the hashtag #internationalviognierday or simply #viognierday.

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