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Moon Phase January 2023 – Why is the moon near or far from the earth (in this context)? Simple: The moon revolves around the earth in an elliptical shape. One is near the earth and the other is far away. This distance affects the size and brightness of the moon, even though it is invisible to the naked eye.

The size of the moon from the earth is related to the “illusion of the moon” and how the moon appears near the foot of the sky; In this case, it is high above the horizon, so it may not fall on us as it appears when it is close to the horizon.

Moon Phase January 2023

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There are 8 lunar phases through which the moon passes within 29.53 lunar days. The four major phases of the moon are the full moon, the new moon, the first and last quarters. Between those major stages, there are four smaller stages: crescent, wax, wax, wax, wax, and crescent.

The Lunar Phases

For more information on the lunar cycle and each phase, check out the Wikipedia Moon Phases page. The snowfall on January 12 was 75% illuminated. This is the percentage of the moon that is illuminated by the sun.

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The light is constantly changing and can fluctuate up to 10% per day. On January 12, the Moon’s age was 19.72 days. It shows how many days have passed since the last new moon. The Moon takes 29.53 days to orbit the Earth and pass through eight phases of the Moon.

The full moon name used by The Old Farmer’s Almanac originated in many countries, including Native Americans, American colonies, and European sources. Traditionally, the name of each full moon applies not only to the full moon, but to the entire lunar month in which it occurs.

January’s full moon reaches its highest point on Friday, January 6 at 6:09 p.m. EST During a full moon, the face of the moon facing the earth is completely illuminated by the sun because the moon is on one side of the earth’s sun.

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Waning Gibbous Phase

Watch the moon rise over the northeastern sky at sunset that evening. The full moon of January is thought to be known as the wolf moon because wolves can be heard crying during this time. It is traditionally believed that wolves cry in the winter because they are hungry, but today we know that wolves cry for different reasons.

Howls and other wolf sounds are commonly used to locate territory, locate package members, strengthen social ties, and facilitate hunting. Today the moon is fading. At this stage, the moon can be seen on the western horizon in the early morning.

This is the first stage after the arrival of the full moon. This lasts for about 7 days, with the moon getting smaller every day until the moon becomes the moon in the last quarter with 50% light.

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The average moon rises during this period, between 9pm and midnight, depending on the age of the phase. The moon rises and then sets every night after sunrise in the morning. The full moon of January is the “micron moon” this year.

Why Is It Called The Full Wolf Moon?

Think of this word as the opposite of “moon.” This means that the full moon is at the farthest point from Earth (not its closest point). Astronomically, we call it the “apogee.” In particular, the small moon of January is 252,600 miles from Earth.

Moonrise time and sunset time are given for the specific locations we get automatically. If you want to change the location, click on the city name in the upper left corner. You can see the moon drifting or drifting every day of the month.

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Want to see the full moon phase of 2023? Click here Other traditional names for January Moon indicate the coldest of the season: Cold Moon (Cree), Frost Exploding Moon (Cree), Freeze Up Moon (Algonquin) and Hard Moon (Dakota).

The solid moon (Dakota) highlights the phenomenon of falling snow, forming a hard crust.

When To See January’s Full Moon

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