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New Ca State Holidays 2023 – Thinking of applying for a job but not sure what the salary might be? A new law in California aims to fix this. From January, companies with at least 15 employees must add a pay scale to all jobs.

SB-107 would ensure that families who come to California for treatment for transgender children and adolescents are protected from out-of-state subpoenas or warrants, as well as families who move to the state to avoid the consequences of treatment elsewhere.

New Ca State Holidays 2023

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Storefronts could soon become affordable housing. Two new laws would open up much of the state’s commercial land to residential development, while largely preventing local governments from blocking the projects. One law allows developers to build housing on some commercial sites if a certain percentage of the housing is affordable.

Reproductive Rights And Abortion

Another law allows developers to build market-rate housing on some commercial sites, but the projects must still undergo an environmental review. The Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in China, Vietnam, South Korea and other Asian countries and is widely celebrated among Asian Americans, said San Jose State Assemblyman Evan Lowe, who introduced the bill.

The state’s recognition “has a lot of meaning because the Asian American and Pacific Islander community is a traditionally and historically neglected community,” Lowe told me. Public meetings have always been a place where people could air their grievances with the government.

But pandemic restrictions only intensified these meetings. A new law in 2023 will set rules on when local officials can remove people from public gatherings for being too disruptive. By law, the chairman can only remove someone after first warning them.

The bills, which were part of a package that includes abortion care and birth control, will take effect next year. This package includes protection against criminal and civil liability in the event of pregnancy, stillbirth, miscarriage or perinatal death due to causes occurring in utero.

Cracking Down On Sales Of Stolen Merchandise Online

Another bill in the package would prevent a health care provider from releasing medical information about a person seeking abortion care in response to an out-of-state subpoena or request. The package includes a bill that would prohibit law enforcement agencies and California corporations from working with out-of-state legal abortion organizations in California.

A measure to expand access to birth control was also part of the wider package. “It’s about our communities being important,” Kulkarni told me. “We are seen, we are heard, our problems are recognized and we hope they will be solved.

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It’s symbolic, but symbolism is important.” The two bills — SB 301 and AB 1700 — are intended to stop the online sales of stolen goods by strengthening requirements for online marketplaces. More detailed information should be collected through online marketplaces from sellers who carry large volumes of products.

California’s attorney general should set up a website to report stolen items. Rain records: New rainfall totals indicate the Bay Area has never seen a three-week period as wet as the past 21 days. Abraham Lincoln was the last president, according to The Mercury News.

Gender-Affirming Health Care

A similar event is held at the national level. Representative Grace Maine, a Democrat from New York, introduced a bill last year that would have made the Lunar New Year the 12th federal holiday. (The 11th was created in 2021 when President Biden signed a bill making June a federal holiday.) Starting in January, you can sue someone for sending you “obscene material” against your will.

This is called “cyberflashing,” and includes nude photos or videos or other material depicting sexual activity. The court can award economic and non-economic damages, as well as fines from $1,500 to $30,000. California’s minimum wage will rise to $15.50 an hour.

That would mean a raise for nearly 3 million minimum wage workers. The increase is adjusted for inflation, as required by law passed in 2016. Dolly Parton’s @dollyslibrary is expanding statewide in California with the help of @SenToniAtkins and @ShannonGroveCA !

📚It will provide free books to CA children from birth to 5 years old – improving their literacy and opening their minds from June 2023. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill last year declaring the lunar new year, which usually falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice, a state holiday — a way to “recognize the diversity and cultural significance

Catalytic Converter Theft

bringing Asian Americans to California.” he said in his signature message. SB 107 was introduced as part of an effort to make California a sanctuary state for transgender health care. The law protects transgender people, including youth, from the legal actions of other states with bans and restrictions.

Women often pay much more for shampoo and deodorant than men. That’s because retailers often charge more for women’s products, a practice known as the “pink tax.” The new law says retailers must charge the same price for “completely similar” products, regardless of their marketing.

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Anyone who has started their car only to hear the accompanying sound of a stolen catalytic converter knows the gravity of the crime. Two bills, AB 1740 and SB 1087, aim to curb the theft of catalytic converters.

AB 1740 requires recyclers to include additional information in a written record after receiving the catalytic converter, including the year, make, and model of the vehic
le from which the device was manufactured. A copy of the title of the vehicle from which the catalytic converter was removed must also be submitted.

Paid Family Leave

SB 1087 prohibits individuals from purchasing a used catalytic converter from anyone other than reputable certified dealers. This includes major recyclers. AB-2294 allows police to detain individuals for misdemeanor or felony retail theft if that person has been arrested or convicted of shoplifting in the past six months and if the person is suspected of being part of an organized retail theft.

SB 951 revises the formulas used to determine the share of paid family leave available to low-income Californians. The law would increase leave payments to cover more of their regular income when low- and middle-income workers take time off to care for family and loved ones.

SB-960 provides that individuals are not required to be citizens or permanent residents of the United States to become police officers in California; they must be legally authorized to work in the US only. This bill was introduced to ensure that people are not charged a different price based on gender for any two products that are substantially similar, such as razors.

It gives the state’s top attorney the power to seek an injunction and allows courts to increase civil penalties. California will have three new public holidays in 2023: Juneteenth, Lunar New Year and Armenian Genocide Memorial Day.

Eliminating The Pink Tax

It is June 19 and celebrates the abolition of slavery in the United States. Lunar New Year is celebrated in Asian countries and corresponds to the first new moon between the end of January and the first 15 days of the first month of the lunar calendar.

Armenian Genocide Memorial Day falls on April 24 and recognizes the killing of millions of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. Certain criminals’ convictions are sealed if they meet certain criteria. Ex-offenders must serve a sentence and maintain a clean record for at least four years.

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This excludes sex offenders and people convicted of serious or violent crimes. Law enforcement agencies and schools gain access to sealed records that are protected from employers and landlords. According to the Pew Research Center, Asian Americans make up 17 percent of California’s population, the highest share of any state except Hawaii.

Of the nation’s 22 million Asian Americans, 30 percent live in the Golden State. School teacher Terrence Bell remembers his first year as a student at Piner. There was an empty pedestal in the middle of the campus, and it was empty when he started teaching.

Sealing Some Criminal Records

Most workers get at least five days off when a loved one dies. The law applies to government agencies and private companies with at least five employees. “Family member” means a spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, domestic partner or parent-in-law.

Similar to New York’s law, which requires employers to list a salary range in job postings, SB 1162 requires companies with 15 or more employees to post a salary range in job postings. Employers must provide salary ranges to existing employees if requested.

Hundreds of new laws have been passed by the state Assembly and signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2022, and many of them will go into effect on New Year’s Day in the nation’s most populous state.

These include reproductive rights, worker protections and wages, climate and environment, housing, health, and more. include problems. “At the beginning of November I was staying in the Big Sur area and discovered an amazing bobcat track at Andrew Molera State Park.

Pay Transparency

It’s just off Highway 1 on the obvious Big Sur coastline. The days were sunny and the state park was full of beautiful fall colors, especially on the Bobcat Trail. Giant oaks and other plants were in peacock mode, displaying an incredible array of fall colors.

The roads were strewn with thousands of fallen orange, red and yellow leaves and it was breathtaking. I thought I was in Vermont enjoying the fall leaves. As an added bonus, there is a sizable creek and nearby trail that will take you to the beach.

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Santa Rosa “Peanuts” comic book creator Charles M. Schultz had a longtime home. The city has a museum dedicated to him, the local airport is named after him, and there are dozens of larger statues of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and other beloved characters around the city.

AB-2239 prohibits anyone convicted of child or elder abuse on or after January 1, 2023 from possessing a firearm in California. The state currently prohibits people convicted of felonies and certain misdemeanors from owning guns. SB-1338, also known as the Community Assistance, Rehabilitation and Empowerment Act, allows family members, first responders and clinicians to ask a judge to order treatment for people diagnosed with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

And Before You Go Some Good News

These plans include medication, shelter and therapy. Those who refuse treatment may be placed in conservatorship and ordered to undergo treatment. This law restricts the use of creative expressions such as sounds, words, gestures and symbols in songs and music videos against artists without judicial review.

Current law allows creative expression to be admitted into evidence in criminal proceedings without “sufficiently robust inquiry” into whether the evidence is prejudicial or prejudicial to the proceedings, according to the bill’s text. A law banning new oil drilling within 3,200 feet of homes, schools and other public places takes effect Jan. 1, but it could soon be overturned by a referendum.

A campaign organized by oil and gas groups has been collecting ballots, hoping voters will overturn the law in 2024. Signatures are currently being checked. The new law seeks to stop other states from punishing children who come to California for transgender surgery and other gender-affirming care.

The law blocks out-of-state requests and prevents health care providers from sharing information with out-of-state organizations regarding gender-affirming care, defined as “medically necessary care that respects the patient’s gender identity as experienced and determined.” by the patient”.

Protections For Creative Expression

This includes hormone therapy to suppress secondary sex symptoms.

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