Yon Kippur 2023

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Yon Kippur 2023 – Every year, many Jewish people around the world celebrate Yom Kippur. Many Jewish people prepare and eat a festive meal before the holiday begins. They also give alms and visit people to beg or give alms.

Many gather at the synagogue for worship before sunset. In some communities, certain customs are associated with this service. Men may wear a kattal or sarjans (a white cloak) and a tallat (prayer shawl). For the year 2023, Rosh Hashanah will begin on the evening of Friday, September 15, and the 2-day celebration will end at sunset on Sunday, September 17.

Yon Kippur 2023

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For the Jewish calendar, night begins before day, so a holiday or festival begins at sunset on the previous day. Yom Kippur is often considered the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. Yom Kippur has its origins in the ritual cleansing of the temple in Jerusalem of any accidental ritual defilement that may have occurred in the previous year.

What Do People Do?

The Cohen Gadol (High Priest) enters the Holy of Holies in the middle of the Temple on Yom Kippur. It was important that he was as pure as possible mentally and physically. When Hollywood studios rejected a proposed remake of “All Quiet,” forcing Dreyfuss to turn to European funding, he saw an opportunity to stage a German adaptation of the property for the first time, calling the film a “historic

point of view”. How post-WWI led to the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust. But the journey was borne out by the film’s impressive Oscar collection, which surprised industry observers. At the nominations ceremony last month, “All Quiet” received a total of nine nods, the second most of any film this year, including best picture — an adaptation of the 1930s Hollywood original directed by Jewish filmmaker Lewis Millstone.

was obtained in (This year’s Academy Awards will be held on March 12.) Yom Kippur is a holiday in Israel, on which shops, post offices and other businesses are closed. Public transport does not operate and there are no radio or television broadcasts in Israel on this day.

It is generally considered impolite to eat or drive a motor vehicle, although secular Jews may ride a bicycle, especially on the occasion of Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, marks the end of Yam Nurim (Days of Eve) and falls on the 10th day of Tishri (Tishrei), the seventh month in the Jewish calendar.

Public Life

Many Jewish communities engage in intense prayer and fasting. Many people of the Jewish faith do not eat, drink, wear leather shoes, wash or use perfume for 25 hours. Many choose to wear white as a symbol of ritual purity.

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Outside of Israel, some Jewish people may take part of their annual holiday at this time to celebrate Yom Kippur. He still has some photos of his grandfather, who also wore a German uniform in World War I – only to be captured by the Nazis on Kristallnacht two decades later and thrown into a concentration camp, as the Jews did for their country.

They were not immune to his racist campaign. When the investigation turned up “no,” Dreyfus said, the film team struggled to find Chileans who would admit to casting their actual vote in favor of Pinochet — even though 40 percent of the population did.

“We couldn’t find a single person who supported him,” he recalls. “At one point, years later, nobody wanted to say, ‘I supported it, I voted for it, I was on that side.'” He saw a parallel with the history of geopolitics leading up to World War II.

Why Do Jewish Holidays Start At Nighttime?

While many Western countries—including his family’s adopted homeland of Brazil—were initially sympathetic to the Nazis. Daniel Dreyfus, a producer on Netflix’s “All Quiet on the Western Front,” holds a 1919 photo of his grandfather Max Dreyfus recovering from his German military service in WWI.

Max was sent to a concentration camp when the Nazis took power. (Courtesy of Daniel Dreifuss) These family stories echoed in Dreyfuss’s mind when he first read the script for a proposed modern version of “All Quiet on the Western Front,” the 1928 novel about the hellish experiences of the German army.

is the. world war Almost a century later, writer Erich Maria Remarque’s descriptions of trench warfare and the soldiers’ characterizations of a complete lack of bravery, courage or patriotism resonated with Dreyfus. “After twenty years, your country, which you gave only for your health and your cousins ​​and your family, sends you to the camp,” he said.

“It’s too much trauma to go through a lifetime.” Many rituals were performed to ensure that the Kohen Gadol was pure and that it did not place any ritual impurities in the Holy of Holies. Yom Kippur became a sad holiday after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

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The Torah calls the day Yom HaKippuram and Leviticus 23:27 enjoins the strict prohibition of working and punishing the soul on the 10th day of the seventh month, known as Tishri. This global upbringing reflects Dreyfus’s interest in international films.

It took him a decade to remake “All Quiet,” which was finally set up with a German production company and released by Netflix last fall amid another endless military conflict in Europe. No one, he said, wanted to fund an anti-war film that refused to glorify its warriors, one that “never had a hero’s journey, no story of someone who came, you

News, killed 1,000 people with his bare hands, won and ended up looking down on a cliff with a great score when he was first shown an early draft of the new ‘All Quiet’ script in 2013.

Dreyfus came off the success of another international historical film he produced, No, a 1980s Chilean political drama starring Gael García Bernal as an advertising executive who leads his country to dictator Augusto. Pinochet had to be pe
rsuaded to vote to remove him from office. The film earned Chile’s first Oscar nomination for international feature film, even though Dreyfus himself did not. Many Jews in Chile follow a practice called “Silihot,” which

They wake up every night to go to synagogue from the first day of Elul. They start praying and asking for forgiveness until dawn, then they go to work. Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah During the ten days, the intensity of this exercise increases.

It is called “Yamnoorim”, which means “terrible day”. Jews in those days greeted each other with the following prayer: “May you be entered in the book of life”, asking for God’s forgiveness. Given that the Nazis had once led a book-burning campaign against the source material and terrorizing German cinema by showing the original film adaptation, accusing it of being a “Judean film”, Dreyfus also attributed the success of the new film to a

Sees it as a historic victory. “I like that my name is associated with a story that was supposed to be the downfall of that regime,” he said. Dreyfus enters another chapter in world Jewish history with his next project: a Showtime miniseries created in collaboration with the Israeli Netflix series “Fuda,” which explores the CIA’s operations in the Middle East and the war in Lebanon.

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takes part. Where Israel has been criticized for a heavy and frequent military presence. The series will air this summer. According to the Torah, the story of Genesis says: “And it was evening and it was morning”, “And it was evening and it was morning; another day”, so the night comes before the day, so for the Jews

. All days in the calendar begin at midnight and end at midnight the following day, including holidays. Dreyfus’ parents met a Jewish youth group in Rio de Janeiro in the 1960s. “My father was my mother’s midrash,” he recalled, using Hebrew.

Words for a youth group counselor After marrying, moving to Israel in part to escape Brazil’s military dictatorship and becoming left-wing political activists, they left Israel for Scotland shortly before the Yom Kippur War. , where Dreyfus was born.

Many Jewish men on Yom Kippur wear a cut or serge and long to bring him back to Brazil. that A kitel is a simple white veil that is also used as a shroud and is worn by brides in some Jewish communities.

A tallit (teles, tallism) is a prayer shawl, consisting of tussock strings attached to each of the four corners. Depending on the tradition of the wearer, the strings are tied in different ways. One or more strings were traditionally painted with a blue dye called techhlet, which may have come from Mavericks trunculus, a type of sea snail.

Rosh Hashanah marks the Jewish New Year for Jewish Americans. Rosh Hashanah begins on the first day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar. Memorial Day or Shofar Blowing Day are other names for this holiday.

Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah are the two main days of atonement that most Jews observe in the calendar year. After the success of ‘All Quiet’, he has also produced a large number of WWI and WWII related projects.

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But, he joked, “I want people to see me not just as a man of war, or as a dictator.” He points to the armistice story that shows how the Treaty of Versailles left Germany in a very bad position, creating an opportunity for Hitler’s brand of national populism.

There are also scenes in which reckless German generals, driven by nationalistic fervor and wounded pride, send entire squadrons to their deaths minutes before armistice is due to go into effect. In one sequence, the film’s main character, soldier Paul (Felix Kemmerer), steals a goose from a French peasant family of non-combatants and says: “Yom Kippur is not a national holiday in countries like Australia, Canada, Great Britain and

United States. However, many Jewish businesses, organizations, and schools may be closed on this holiday, and the streets around synagogues will be crowded. (JTA) — Film producer Daniel Dreyfus has only one surviving image of a distant relative: He

J’s grandfather’s cousin, who fought for Germany in World War I and was killed in action two days before the end of the war. stepped in, and he also has a co-writing credit. German star Daniel Bruhl, who has played many historical villains in films for the Jewish people, from “7 Days in Antibes” to “The Zookeeper’s Wife.”

, he played an important role as the chief negotiator for the Armistice Agreement. The film tries to find a peaceful solution for his country. (Portrait of the historical figure Brühl, Matthias Erzberger, vilified as a traitor by the German right and murdered in 1921 by anti-Semitic nationalist fundamentalists who were the forerunners of the Nazis.) Dreyfus had performed in the town of Belo Horizonte before his bar mitzvah.

Moved to Rio, which has a large Jewish community. “My family was never religious, but culturally Jewish,” she said, recalling Eid celebrations and gaffelet fish recipes. He did not have many Jewish friends, but his Brazilian friends were interested in Judaism and attended his family’s Jewish events.

Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, marks the end of Yam Nurim (Days of Eve) and falls on the 10th day of Tishri (Tishrei), the seventh month in the Jewish calendar. Many Jewish communities engage in intense prayer and fasting.

Dreyfus, who grew up in Brazil after his surviving ancestors fled war in Uruguay, held up the weathered black-and-white photos on his zoom camera as he spoke to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency from his home in Los Angeles.

One shows his grandfather’s cousin in his military uniform, the other shows his grandfather in between battles, posing together.

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