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Pet Holidays 2023 – • Heartworm Awareness Month • National Greyhound Adoption Month • National Pet First Aid Awareness Month • Canine Lyme Disease Prevention Month • Animal Cruelty Prevention Month • April 1-7: International Pooper Scooper Week • 1-7

April: National Raw Food Week • April 6: National Siamese Cat Day • April 6-10 April: National Dog Bite Prevention Week • April 8: National Dog Fighting Awareness Day • April 10: National Hug Your Dog Day • April 11: National Pet Day • April 11: Therapy Dog Appreciation Day • April 17

Pet Holidays 2023

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-23. April: National Pet Identification Week • April 18: Pet Owner Independence Day • April 21: Big Bulldog Day • April 23: National Lost Dog Awareness Day • April 25: International Guide Dog Day • April 26:

Pet Holidays For April

National Children and Pets Animal Day• April 26: Hairball Awareness Day• April 27: World Vet Day• April 28: National Pet Parents Day• April 30: National Tabby Day• April 30: Shelter Day for pets• April 30: National Therapy Animal Day Day CanadaPetCare is one of the leading online pet stores for excellent quality pet products at the best prices.

A wide selection of products helps to take good care of pets and protect them from various intruders and creepy creatures. What’s more, CanadaPetCare is loved by many pet parents for its incredible quality pet products and customer service, and this can be reflected in all of our product reviews on the website.

Our furry friends are just as stressed as we are in this busy world, they also need a break to feel relaxed, less anxious and in a better mood. Rest is vital for our four-legged friends;

can do wonders for them. But what is the best time to take a vacation? It is difficult to follow the list of annual holidays and choose the right one. Okay, so now that you’ve looked at the list of US pet holidays and weekends for 2023, what do you do with them?

Pet Holidays For July

How do you determine which ones are right for your pet business and how can you strategically integrate them into your marketing? • Kennel Repair Month • National Pet Loss Prevention Month • National Pet Hydration Awareness Month • July 1: Recognize Your Pet Day • July 5: Pet Memorial Day • July 11: National Pet Photo Day

• July 15: National Pet Fire Safety Day• July 21: National Shelter Crafts Day• July 21: Free Puppies at Pet Stores Day• July 31: National Puppy Day At Schwartzman Animal Medical Center Public Education is one of our fundamental principles and constant mission since its establishment in 1910.

Use the calendar below to spread awareness of common pet health topics among your veterinary clients, colleagues, family and friends. February 1 – March 31, 2023: 6th, 7th and 8th graders can enter the Become a Vet Camp Contest for a chance to win a scholarship to attend the Auburn University Junior Vet Camp in Alabama for the summer.

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The essay competition is sponsored by Vet Set Go and VCA Animal Hospitals to encourage ambitious teenagers and young adults to pursue careers with animals. For more information on how to enter the competition, visit

Ask The Vet Podcast

By Chelsea Frazier Jesse McDaniel is an animal advocate who raises concerns and spreads awareness about pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who strives to support many pet shelters by regularly helping them with supplies and medical care.

Dogs are the best for Valentine’s Day, right? Hugs, kisses, unconditional love. Treat your pooch to one of these unique (and easy) gifts this month—a surefire way to ensure extra cuddle and lick time. Speaking of kisses (and fresh doggy breath), February is also Pet Dental Health Month.

Taking care of your dog’s teeth means showing your dog how much you care. Good dental health prevents chronic pain and inflammation, as well as periodontal disease, which is associated with heart, kidney and liver problems.

All products and services on the PAWS project have been independently selected by our editors, contributors and veterinary experts. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon employee, I earn from qualifying purchases. To learn more, see my disclosure policy.

Pet Holidays For August

It does nothing for your audience, it doesn’t make you stand out, and it’s just lazy content padding (let’s be honest!). With the right strategy, social media and marketing can be a great time for your business, so after the holidays read our tips below on the best ways to integrate them into your marketing based on your strategy, offering and brand!

Brushing your dog’s teeth takes practice and patience, but it’s worth it! Did you know that there are alternatives to the standard toothbrush? Try them out and tell us what you think. In the meantime, send us pictures of you and your pup so we can post them on our social media pages.

In partnership with Sirius XM, Schwartzman Animal Medical Center presents the “Ask the Vet” podcast about the pets we love and how to care for them. dr. Ann Hogenhaus answers questions from pet parents, talks to leading animal experts and talks about the most annoying problems facing our furry friends.

• National Vaccination Awareness Month• August 1: DOGust’s Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs• August 2-8: International Assistance Dog Week• August 5: Work Like a Dog Day• August 8: International Cat Day• 10 .August: Pamper Your Dog Day• August 15: National Chip Check Day• August 17: National Black Cat Appreciation Day• August 17: International Homeless Day• August 22: National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day• August 23:

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Pet Holidays For September

International Blind Dog Day• August 26: National Dog Day Day• August 28: Rainbow Bridge Memorial Day• August 30: National Holistic Pet Day We love our pets and we love to celebrate them. But did you know that there are more than 175 pet vacations designed specifically for this purpose?

Some are silly, like “If Pets Had Thumbs” or “Meow Like a Pirate Day”, but others are dedicated to taking care of our pet’s health or raising awareness, like “World Spay Day”. This is the definitive list of pet holidays in 2023!

Maybe you’re the person who makes a special bone cake every year for your puppy’s birthday, or maybe your beloved cat has her own stocking that you carefully hang by the fireplace every year. Regardless of the holidays, there is always a reason to remember how much our dogs and cats mean to us.

We love our pets all year round, and with this handy calendar you can find a reason to celebrate your furry friends any day of the year! • Healthy Cats Month • Guide Dog Month • National Pet Insurance Month • Animal Pain Awareness Month • Responsible Dog Ownership Month • Caregiver Education Month • September 1: Appreciate Red Cats Day • September 8: National Dog Walker Appreciation Day •

February Dog Events

September 13 : National Pet Day Memorial Day • September 13: National Hug Your Dog Day • September 21-27: Adopt Less Week • September 19: Dog Awareness Day • September 19: Responsible Dog Ownership Day •

September 20-26: National Dog Week • September 20-26 : Deaf Pet Awareness Week • September 23: Dogs in Politics Day • September 28: World Rabies Day Be sure to always include a call to action (CTA)

. Be sure to ask your audience to take action, whether it’s to save your photo on social media, respond via comment, share a post, book with you, go to your website, read your blog, share a photo, etc. Whatever the size of the query, every CTA is

great (and more likely to lead to a bigger commitment in the future, such as booking or buying from you). However, make sure your CTA also has a purpose! Don’t just choose an action for the sake of it.

Pet Holidays For February

Don’t forget to change it and set your CTA as a clear next action depending on the content of the message. Updated throughout the year, this comprehensive 2023 dog and cat holiday calendar features fun holidays as well as serious days, weeks and months that focus on issues in the pet world.

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February 11, 2023: The Angel City Pit Bulls Nonprofit (ACPB) is hosting an event in Los Angeles, CA from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. ACPB dogs were recently featured on American Ninja Warrior and will also be seen at the annual Puppy Bowl on February 12th.

For more information on participating in this event, visit January 24 – February 28, 2023: To kick off Pet Life Day on January 24, JC Penney is partnering with 10 animal shelters across the country to photograph adoptable senior dogs as part of the Portraits by Lifetouch program.

Photos will be posted on the JC Penney website. JCPenney will also donate $1,000 to each shelter and a $500 gift card for pet supplies. Don’t just announce a holiday and say, “Happy March Day!” Consider a real target or point to your post.

Ask The Vet Podcast

Some options to encourage engagement are to suggest some routes in your area, ask people where their favorite place to walk is in your community, write about the health benefits of walking, etc. Join the celebration and make it meaningful.

Link it to one or more of the following – your subject matter expertise, your services or products, pure entertainment that fits your branding strategy, or more information about you and/or your team. • Pet Dental Health Month • Dog Education Month • National Cat Health Month • Responsible Pet Owners Month • Spay/Neuter Awareness Month (also known as Beat the Heat Month) • February 7-14: Leashed Dogs Week •

11-12 February: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show • 14 February: Pet Theft Awareness Day • 20 February: Love Your Pets Day • 22 February: National Dog Walking Day • 23 February: International Respect Day dog biscuits • February 25: Spay Day USA / World Spay Day Here are some resources to help you with content and business planning for your pet business.

If you are a dog walker, pet sitter, trainer, pet photographer, or any other pet services business, these resources will help you prepare to make more $$$ in 2023!: In partnership with Sirius XM Animal Medical Center Ime Schwartzman hosts the Ask the Vets podcast about the pets we love and how to care for them.

Pet Holidays For October

dr. Ann Hogenhaus answers questions from pet parents, talks to leading animal experts and talks about the most annoying problems facing our furry friends. In a climate where social media and marketing are #alltherage, it’s about time you put these pet vacations to good use, right?!

So, check out Pet Marketing Unleashed’s list of 2023 pet holidays (and US holidays). It’s all the same, just updated dates, so you can be sure that you’re not only getting the right dates for marketing your home business, but also learning how to strategically incorporate them into your content.

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February 1 – February 28, 2023: Children’s Research Hospital St. Jude 50-Mile Dog Walking Challenge. Get outside with your dog, log your miles and raise funds for children in St. Jude’s. To participate in the competition, visit the Facebook page.

• National Animal Safety and Protection Month• Adopt a Dog Month (AH) / Adopt a Shelter Dog Month (ASPCA)• National Pet Welfare Month• National Pit Bull Awareness Month• October 1: National Firefighter Puppy Day• October 1:

Pet Holidays For January

National Black Dog Day • 1.-6. October: National Dog Walking Week • 1-6. October: Animal Welfare Week • October 4: World Animal Day • October 4: World Pet Day • October 9: Pet Obesity Awareness Day • October 16: National Feral Cat Day • 19-23

October: Veterinary Technician Week • 26 October
: National Pitbull Awareness Day • 27 October: National Black Cat Day (UK) • 29 October: National Cat Day Don’t use them all! Don’t even use most of them. The holidays can easily become overwhelming, and cluttering your feed with too many holidays can just look spammy (inauthentic).

Holidays shouldn’t just be an excuse for default messages. Please note: Pet holidays are usually established by private groups, and sometimes several groups decide to declare an “official” holiday for the same event. More pet holidays mean more reasons to celebrate the pets we all hold dear!

With over 175 pet holidays throughout the year, there are plenty of excuses to celebrate your furry friends! These holidays give you a great excuse to throw a party, but you can also use them to raise awareness about shelter animals, spay and neuter, or ethical breeding practices.

Pet Holidays For June

However you choose to observe them, we hope these year’s pet holidays help you appreciate your pet all year long! When choosing which holidays to use, try to think about what SPECIFICALLY applies to your business.

For example, if you walk dogs/pets and don’t offer bathing services, you probably don’t need to list Bath Day. Stick to the ones that REALLY spark a conversation about what you do, who you serve, and what your message is promoting.

February 5, 2023: Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show is a professional team of performers and their foster dogs who engage in extreme dog sports such as diving, dog dancing and freestyle discus throwing. The show is family friendly and takes place at the Sheldon Theater in Red Wing, MN.

• Walk Your Pet Month • National Dog Training Month • Off Leash Month • January 2: National Pet Safety Day • January 2: Happy Cats Day • January 14: National Dress Up Your Pet Day • January 22: National Answer Day

Pet Holidays For March

to your cat’s questions• January 23: World Sterilization Day• January 24: Pet Life Change Day• January 29: Guide Dog Anniversary

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