National Day Desk Calendar 2023

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National Day Desk Calendar 2023

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Create your own desktop calendar by uploading a high-quality image using Facebook, Instagram or your computer. Start by selecting a paper type and custom print quantity before printing your desk calendar. Choose a layout or submit your artwork with outstanding photos.

Retail price Rp 257,006 Rp 257,006 Retail price Rp 369,268 Rp 369,268 retail price Rp 277,213 Rp 277,213 desk calendar helps you get the most out of your workspace, shelf and desk. These desk calendars are great for any home office or desk and make a great gift.

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The popularity of traditional desk calendars is increasing in this digital age. A personal desk calendar, which comes in a variety of design options, can be the centerpiece of your desk.

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