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2023 Dashain – The meat is then taken home and consumed as sacred food; Prasad, who is blessed by the god, and the people organized a party in their homes. People organize a party in their homes. The Newar community held a festival called “KuchiBhoe”.

Therefore, in this festival people eat two paths of pounded rice along with Butani, bara (basule), cholla. Tori ko saag, aalo ko achar, (pickled potato) bhatmaas also (soy) Aduwa, (spiced ginger) body (black eyed peas). As well as in a banana leaf including Aila (liquor) and (Newari alcohol).

2023 Dashain

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Thus Dashain symbolizes the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahisasur, according to another Hindu myth. Another interesting fact to celebrate Dashain is Lord Ram killed the demon Ravan on this day. This is why in some parts of Nepal and India, the statue of the raven is burned to celebrate the victory.

Phoolpati Day

from Phulpati the main festival is starting and people start traveling to their hometown from Kathmandu. Brahmins from Gorkha bring out Royal Kalash, banana stalk, Jamara and sugarcane tied with red cloth. Phulpati is celebrated on the 7th day of Dashain festival and the procession lasts for three days.

During this day there is a parade at Hanumandhoka, government officials anticipate the arrival at Tundihel and become part of the parade. People celebrate Dashain as the victory of Goddess Durga over evil and demons. According to Hindu myths, there was once an evil and powerful Demon called Mahisasur, who spread terror and terror among the people.

Goddess Durga was enraged seeing this. The war between Goddess Durga and Mahisasur lasted for nine days, in these nine days Goddess Durga assumed nine different forms. Later, on the tenth day, Goddess Durga killed the demon Maishasur.

As the way of celebrating Dashain is quite different from country to country. In the Newar community, people worship Kumari and Ganesh, apart from the nine forms of Goddess Durga. During these rituals, people worship young girls as Lord Kumari and young boys as Lord Ganesh.

Maha Navamiday

This is also a sign of respect for other gods. Dashain is a 15 days festival so you will have delicious food from the first day of this festival. People cook delicious food throughout the festival.

Meat is the main food ingredient during this festival. Vegetarian people mostly food made with paneer, milk, yogurt and ghee. As you go to each other’s house to put tika, you should always go with fruits or any other kind of gift.

People organize a party and invite their relatives on the occasion of Dashain. They also make a lot of delicious food to celebrate Dashain. People prefer to eat meat and various foods during Dashain. One of the exciting things about Dashain is buying and wearing new clothes.

People buy new clothes for their family and themselves. Also, children wear new dresses and visit relatives’ houses for tikas. As buying clothes is trending in Dashain, there is a sale in many places. If you want to buy new things, then Dashain is perfect because of the big discount, bonus, lucky draws and giveaways that come right before Dashain time.

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Days Of The Celebration

During the Dashain festival, the state offers buffalo sacrifices to the salute of gunshots at the Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace. Throughout the day, Vishwa Karma is worshiping (the god of creation). Everywhere people sacrifice ducks, goats, duck eggs as well as chickens for vehicles, numerous instruments and tools.

Devotees believe that worshiping vehicles at present can prevent them from accidents within the next few days. The main celebration of Dashain spans ten days, the most important of which are the first, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth days.

The previous nine days are observed as Navratri, of which, the eighth day is dedicated to Maha Ashtami. The tenth day is the most important of all; where the various avatars of Goddess Shakti are worshiped all over Nepal.

• Another most common thing people do is play card games. Families and friends gather together to play cards and have fun. • Most of the houses are cleaned and decorated with ornaments. This will also be a gesture for the Hindu “mother goddess” to come down and bless the house with reasonable luck.

Maha Navami Day

Share this post on social media Facebook Tweet Google + Maha Navami is the last day of Navratri, during which rituals and ceremonies reach their peak. The official army at Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palaces perform ritual sacrifices of killing buffaloes in the courtyard of Kot.

This day of demon hunting traditionally signifies the myth of Maa Durga finding and destroying the demon (Mahishasura) who was said to be hiding inside the bodies of animals. The Lord of creation, Vishvakarma, is also worshiped on this day.

Locals believe that worshiping cars and other vehicles on this day will prevent accidents for the coming year. The gates of the Taleju Temple are opened to the public only on the day of Maha Navami.

Hence, hundreds of devotees visit to pay their respects to the goddess throughout the day. Dashain is a big and exciting festival for all people in Nepal. Dashain has also been an opportunity to solve all problems with family members and to celebrate with full of emotion.

Why Is Dashain Such A Big Festival In Nepal?

Dashain rituals in which people travel to their relatives to seek blessings, so this holiday brings love and recognition between families. People living away from their homes or living in different places travel home to celebrate Dashain with their families.

Dashain has a different craze and excitement among children. It is the night of the full moon and the last day of Dashain. On this ev
ening, Goddess Laxmi; the goddess of luck and wealth, is worshipped.

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Widespread belief holds that she descends on Earth on this night and fills devoted families who stay up all night with wealth and prosperity. The Nepalese army fires guns for fifteen minutes to celebrate the arrival of Phulpati.

Phulpati is held at Royal DashainGhar inside Hanuman Dhoka. However, now the tradition has been modified as we do not have a monarchy now. Phulpati currently goes to the President’s residence. Animal sacrifice during the festival has been a trend since ancient times.

Kojagrata Purnima Day

However, in today’s context, many people are strictly against this culture. People sacrifice animals to God during the 7th and 8th days of this festival. On these days, people also organize the feast of slaughtered animals.

Dashain is a Nepalese religious festival which is celebrated for fifteen days. It is the longest and most significant festival in the Nepali calendar. Dashain is also celebrated in Bhutan and some northeastern states of India.

During Dashain, people with their families visit their elders to ask for tikka (a red vermicelli liquid mixed with yogurt and rice) accompanied by blessings. The red tick is taken as a symbol of blood that binds the family forever.

All members of the family away from home, gather together and receive tika from the elder. They celebrate their happiness with each other and eat delicious food. Traditionally, the seventh day ritual consists of Kalash, Jamara, Banana Stem and Sugar Cane tied together with a red cloth.

Dashain Calendar

The Gorkha Brahmins then bring this package from Kathmandu to the king’s palace, Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace through a three-day trek. A Phulpati parade ceremony with beautiful displays by the Nepal Army was held where there would be celebratory gunfire in honor of Phulpati.

However, this practice no longer exists as the President now sits in place of the king and the Phulpati offering reaches the President’s house. Sacrificing animals to the goddess is another Dashain ritual. Since Dashain is all about enjoyment and fun with relatives, people sacrifice animals for food during this festival.

Many animals such as goats, buffaloes, ducks and rams are sacrificed in the name of the festival. People believe that killing animals to Goddess Durga during Dashain helps to get blessings from the god. This ritual takes place in the temple of Goddess Durga.

Also, people offer animals to Goddess Durga and Kali in their temples. Nepal is a culturally and traditionally diverse country. Among the many festivals celebrated in Nepal Dashain is one of them. Traditionally Dashain was celebrated only in Nepal and India, but now the craze of a Dashain day has increased frequently.

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Phoolpati Day

That is why many Dashain are celebrated in countries like Pakistan, united nation and Australia. This festival is a way to create a strong bond with family members and relatives. Dashain promotes love love and unity among people.

House cleaning has also become the trend of Dashain. Since people visit each other’s houses during this festival, so they clean and decorate their houses, people believe that if you keep your house clean and attractive, then Goddess Durga will bless you and your family.

This is one of the extremely good Dashain cleaning rituals and home decoration is also a way to show harmony and make people welcome in their homes. Nepal is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country where Nepalese citizens perform various festivals.

We celebrate many holidays that vary regionally or according to ethnicity, religion and also traditions. We have many festivals in our country, Nepal. The celebration of various holidays has its own cultural value and the reason for their celebrations.

Overview Of Dashain Festival

From Jatras in the state capital to Chhat in the Terai or national festivals like Dashain. Dashain festival is the biggest in Nepal. Therefore, festivals are an essential part of Nepalese culture. Dashain in Nepal is a festival of love, homecoming, positivity and pomp.

The celebrations end on an optimistic note among the locals who from now on positively improve their lives. Devotees believe that they have been abundantly blessed by Goddess Durga and thus consider the coming year as a peaceful, happy and prosperous year.

Come and be a part of Dashain 2019 and celebrate the good things in life! Dashain is a festival of joy, fun and happiness. Many different activities are performed during Dashain. Some of the common activities are as follows: • Nepalis fly very decorative kites in the sky during the festival period.

They fly kites also called “Changa” from their roof and play the changing chair race whenever the kite strings get tangled. Most kids are crazy about flying kites. As Dashain draws near, you can see a kite flying high in the sky.

Vijaya Dashami Vijayadashami/Day

Flying kites has become one of the traditions of the people. According to the ancients, flying kites during Dashain is also a way of reminding God not to send any more rain. On the day of Ghatasthapana, which is also known as Jamara Planting Day, a divine Kalash is installed in the Puja room.

This kalash symbolizes the goddess of power, i.e. the goddess Durga herself. On this day, the Kalash is filled with holy water, which is then covered with cow dung and sewn with barley and other grain seeds.

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The kalash is placed in the Puja room in the center of a rectangular block of sand. These seeds germinate and grow into five to six inches of yellow grass in the next ten d
ays. This sacred grass is known as Jamara.

The most important day of the Dashain festival BijayaDashami and it is on the 10th day, and the day is the most important. During this day, everyone wears elegant new dresses and receives tikkas and blessings from the elders.

Places To Visit In Nepal

Women prepare the tika; a mixture of rice, vermilion and yogurt. The elders also give Dakshina to the youth and blessings for being the right person and for their better future. During the Dashain festival, people worship the image of the goddess in their homes in the hope of receiving blessings.

Dashain is celebrated for 15 days starting from new moon day (Ghatasthapana) to full moon day (KojagratPurnima). Some of the days have a specific and vital significance. Ghatasthapana, Phool Pati, Mahaastami, Navami and Vijayadashami are the series of events under Dashain, each marked with a different set of rituals.

Pokhara, Kathmandu, Lumbini Vijaya Dashami is the most significant day during the fifteen-day festival of Dashain. Vijaya Dashami Tika is performed on the same day. On this day, rice, vermi and jamara, which is sewn during the day of Ghatasthapana, are placed on a plate and this preparation is known as Tika.

The elders put Tika and Xhamara on the foreheads of their younger relatives to bless them abundantly in the coming year. This ceremony continues for the next five days until Kojagrat Purnima. When planting the seeds, you must ensure that the area is not affected by direct sunlight.


The kalash is worshiped for nine days and the planted area is watered regularly. The seed will grow to almost 6/5 inch and will be seen in yellow color at the end of the ninth day and will be called Jamara.

At that very moment, the priest makes a welcome, asking the Hindu god to bless the ship along with her presence. Around Kalash, barley seeds are planted in the sandy area, which is believed to be clean and blessed.

There is great worship at the Dashain Grah, This is the place where all the duties of Gatasthapana are performed and worshiped throughout the festival period. This ritual was previously performed only by the men of the family, but now the case has changed as women are also performing this ritual nowadays.

The festival is held for two weeks, and the first nine days are called Navaratri. Goddess Durga is worshiped on these days. People also visit the temple of gods and goddesses. she is the blood-loving God, so people give blood to various animals in front of the image of Goddess Nawadurga.

Dashain Is The Biggest Festival In Nepal

The last two days of Navaratri are observed with great celebration. Kite flying is the most popular sport in every family during Dashain Festival. The belief behind this practice is that flying kites would remind God to send more rain.

Elderly members of the family enjoy playing cards and gambling. Buying and wearing all new clothes is an essential part of Dashain. During this time unique bamboo swings made in the traditional way using bamboo sticks, wood and ropes are set up.

These crafts; some of which are as high as twenty feet are prepared a week before the Ghatasthapana (translates to “placing the pots or vessels)

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