Post Office Closed Jan 2 2023

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Post Office Closed Jan 2 2023 – The early closing on December 24 will not affect blue collection boxes with a final collection time of noon. If the box usually has a late pickup time in the afternoon, the mail can be picked up earlier that day.

To pick up mail on December 24th, customers are asked to put their mail in blue pick-up boxes at noon, regardless of the pick-up deadline posted on the box, or bring their items to one of our more than 34,000 Post Office locations.

Post Office Closed Jan 2 2023

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Indonesia Post hopes that maximum courier and logistics services can increase the company’s revenue. On the other hand, the financial services business also continues to stimulate Pos Indonesia, as the company’s profits continue to grow. It is essential that you follow postal holidays if you use USPS services.

List Of Post Office Usps Holidays

Now you have plenty of holiday calendars to choose from. Download any USPS holiday calendar from here and print it for your own use. Shipping planning is easier when you have a holiday calendar with you.

Keep checking this site for more printable calendars and holidays. He explained that the addition of Pos Indonesia opening hours was the state logistics company’s commitment to improve services to the community. His party wants to ensure that postal services, especially courier and logistics, actually provide excellent service during the holidays.

“Starting from June, we are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. There are no holidays, neither Saturdays and Sundays, nor red dates,” PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Director of Logistics and Courier Business Siti Choiriana said in a press statement in

Saturday. (6/5/2021). All federal holidays are postal holidays. Behind every federal holiday there is a story and a meaning. Through this post, you can check the USPS holidays for 2023 and download the holiday calendar in PDF format.

Us Post Office Holiday Calendar

In 46 BC, Emperor Julius Caesar started January 1 as the first day of the year. This was partly in honor of the moon’s namesake, Janus, the Roman god of initiation. Pope Gregory XIII reinstated January 1 as New Year’s Day in 1582. See the chart below for the 2023 list of USPS mail holidays.

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There are a total of 11 federal holidays in the year and post offices are closed on federal holidays. The United States Postal Service (USPS), also known as the Post Office, the United States Post Office, or the Postal Service, is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal services in the United States.

There are no residential or commercial deliveries on December 26 and January 2, except for Priority Mail Express, which delivers 365 days a year to select locations for an additional fee. All post office locations will be open for business and regular mail delivery on Tuesday 27 December and Tuesday 3 January.

In the e-commerce ecosystem, sellers and consumers want fast service, uninterrupted breaks from work. This optimization is the focus of Pos Indonesia so that shipments of goods from sellers to customers reach their destination quickly. Are the banks open?

Postal Holidays To Remember

Is the post office open? Is the post office open? Is the bag open? Here’s your guide to what’s open and closed on Monday, January 2, the day most offices celebrate the New Year holiday. The above is the 2023 post office holiday schedule when the post office may not be open.

The USPS may operate reduced hours during some holidays. You should check with your local USPS office for exact holiday times if you are handling any urgent mail delivery. Postal holidays for many countries are also available as an iCal calendar;

you may want to import them to your smartphone. “We understand that shipments of goods are significantly increased on Saturdays and Sundays. Because we understand that the need for these shipments is very high, including the demands of customers, so we are trying to meet the demands of this community,” said Ana.

Indonesian Post supported by network points that spread to remote areas. This BUMN supports more than 4,000 post offices and 28,000 postal agents throughout Indonesia. In urban areas, Pos Indonesia also has the O-Ranger, which is used to pick up the ball quickly.

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Nj Transit will operate on a weekend/holiday schedule. SEPTA will operate on a weekly schedule, while PATH will operate on Saturdays. For Nj Transit, riders should use the Nj Transit online trip planner to check arrival and departure times.

Here’s everything you need to know about the post office, mail delivery, FedEx and UPS on Monday, January 2 (1/2/2023), the New Year’s holiday, even with They are open or closed. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik, file) PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) courier service hours have been added.

From June 2021, logistics services will remain open on Saturdays and Sundays or during annual holidays. This was done by Pos Indonesia to work in the courier and logistics business market. INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Christmas 2022 and New Year’s 2023 fall on a Sunday, when post office locations across the country are already closed.

The Post Office will observe these federal holidays on Monday, December 26, 2022 and Monday, January 2, 2023. Beauty date | Stupid | Bolanas | Bolasport | BolaStilo | CevekBanget | Fotokita | Grid Hunger |

Grid Games | Grid Health | Hot Grill | Grid Pop | Grid Star | Grid.ID | Shout | You have | HITS | Hype | IDEA | Computer Information | Intisari | Juara | Children |

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Video | Wicken | Gridvoice | Gridvoice | GRID Story Factories | | Gramedia Digital | KG Media “We can confirm that from June, Pos Indonesia will serve consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have made sure that our services will not be interrupted on holidays or red dates. We hope that people will enjoy using our services,” he said.

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is. © Provided by the Postal Service Holiday Savings Tips For those who regularly use the United States Postal Service (USPS), and especially those with small businesses that rely on the Postal Service to receive their products, the post office’s holiday schedule can be vital.

It is important to know when the post office is open and when the post office is closed. The USPS is part of the United States government and therefore follows a federal holiday schedule. On the following federal holidays, the USPS will be closed, including post office branches, and there will be no standard mail delivery.

He realized that at that time, e-commerce was growing quite rapidly, along with many people on the platform market and trading through social media. E-commerce transactions take place without any time limit. Along with this trend, logistics and courier service providers are leading the way in this digital ecosystem.

Please note that post offices are closed during holidays, so be sure to check the holidays to plan your shipment. Various holiday calendars are available on this page. You can choose to download any holiday calendar from here and print it for your own use.

The USPS is usually closed on Sundays, but there are exceptions. At the end of the year, when people deliver holiday gifts, some larger post offices stay open for a few weeks before Christmas to help handle the extra demand for packages.

As this does not apply to all post offices, you need to call your local post office to see if anything in your area will be open on these days. For US Postal Service media resources, including broadcast-quality video, audio and photos, visit the USPS Newsroom.

For reporters interested in speaking with a regional Postal Service public relations professional, go to our local contact list. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Subscribe to the USPS YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, and enjoy our blog Post Posts.

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For more information about the Postal Service, visit and Most of the postal holidays listed are those when you would expect the post office to be closed. Although Tax Day is not a holiday, many major post offices will be open extended hours on or around April 15 to accommodate those who wish to receive their tax returns.

Extending the opening hours will ensure that people get the required April 15 postmark for their taxes by midnight, when the post office usually closes much earlier. You need to call your local post office to see if they will be open extended hours for tax day, and if so, until when they accept postmark letters.

Some post offices may have limited opening hours on Christmas Eve, Saturday 24 December. There are currently no plans for limited hours on New Year’s Eve, Saturday, December 31. Customers can visit the online mail locator tool at to find post office locations and hours.

If you use USPS mail and delivery services, you should check USPS holidays to plan your shipment accordingly. Like any other work organization, the USPS also has several holidays in the year, and post offices are closed on holidays.

If you use USPS services to send and receive mail or packages, then here we have a common USPS holiday calendar for 2023. Download the holiday calendar from this page and print it for your own use.

Important Note: Most of the 11 federal holidays in the United States are also public holidays. Holidays that fall on a weekend are often observed on the next free day of the week (for example, a holiday that falls on a Saturday is observed on the previous Friday, while a holiday that falls on a Sunday is observed on the following Monday).

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