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Valentine 2023 – Feeling like you’ve been stabbed in the chest, or maybe you just want to set the whole Valentine’s Day concept on fire? Look no further than Heather’s Bleeding Hearts. Gel Bottle Inc used Teddy (a soft, buildable nude pink) and Laceleaf (a bright red) to hand-paint a versatile look that’s as good for the lusty early-relation crowd.

and melt Walker created this fiery look by first painting her nails a light peachy pink, then hand painted flames with a fine brush and flamingo pink, red and lavender to soften. Make sure you don’t forget to use a top coat when doing this look at home as it will give your nails a glossy finish and of course help prevent smudging.

Valentine 2023

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This Valentine’s Day, express your love literally with art. ArtSugar acrylic art prints have a glossy finish and are attached to an aluminum dibond backing for easy installation. Choose from pink, orange, blue, purple and green.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentines Day?

This adorable ombré design was hand painted by Smith, no big deal. “I start with two dots, then use a nail brush to draw the bottom of the dot in a triangle shape, each time making room for the perfect heart,” she explains of her technique.

“Using highly pigmented colors for this design is important.” Might we recommend Essie’s Swing of Things for the darkest shade of pink? For a base color, we recommend Zoya’s Brighton, a beautiful nude pink shade with shimmering micro particles.

As always, come back to CBS Essentials for more Valentine’s Day gift guides for every special someone in your life. We’ll continue to offer the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas and deals until February 14th. This ninja ice cream maker is a great choice if your partner loves ice cream.

Making a treat together at home is a unique and unique Valentine’s Day idea, and you can enjoy the ice cream maker all year round. Despite its less romantic and sad origins, February 14 is known as the day of love.

The Chips Act Made In America Again

This came in part from the Middle Ages, when this date was thought to mark the beginning of the bird’s breeding season. In today’s wired world, chips power more than computers. Cars, appliances, and even toys rely on tiny silicon semiconductors, most of which are made in Taiwan.

Supply chain disruptions caused by natural disasters or geopolitics can threaten America’s chip supply and threaten its entire economy. The $280 billion CHIPS Act aims to rebuild America’s critical technology infrastructure, including subsidizing chip manufacturing facilities.

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US Correspondent David Pogue looks at how Silicon Valley is working with the government to ensure our nation’s leadership in technology, and why not everyone is happy. him These futuristic French tips represent the season of love without the need for red or pink.

Nail artist Jessica Washick used a base coat of Essie Fairy Tailor in pale pink and accented with a silver chrome polish from Models Own. With French tips in place, she added heart-shaped metal charms to seal the Valentine deal.

Spacex Launches Crew To Space Station

Don’t let those chompers fool you, this guy is nice! This clever item can be used as both a bath sponge and a toy, so it’s perfect for babies who always want something to sprinkle on, even in the bath.

More than 1 month after SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying four astronauts to work on the International Space Station. CBS News space analyst Bill Harwood joined CBS News to discuss the reasons behind the launch delay, the importance of international coordination in space travel and how SpaceX has changed the landscape.

If you want to ditch the bright pinks and reds, but still want some stunning nail art, consider this luxurious design by nail artist Alison Nguyen. It features an accent nail on a light base and a light heart.

Let’s be honest, most plug-in home fragrances smell like chemicals. But not Pure. This Bluetooth system can be controlled via an app and can trigger up to two fragrances on a user-selected schedule. There are several options from different brands, including Moodcast’s first kiss for Valentine.

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There are also numerous collaborations with top brands such as Studio McGee, Ellis Brooklyn and Nest New York. Apple’s latest AirPods Pro 2 offer up to 30 hours of listening time with the included charging case.

They feature an upgraded wireless chip for improved audio functionality, a new low-distortion driver for clearer sound, and improved active noise cancellation. Apple AirPods Pro 2 offer true personalized sound: you can use your iPhone’s camera to analyze the unique anatomy of your ear and find the audio settings that work best for you.

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Instead of wearing their hearts on their sleeves, they can proudly wear their hearts in front of them! And while this long-sleeve cotton tee is on trend, it’s not so pink and red that they can’t wear it all winter long.

Size 2 nail artist Emily Zheng knows you don’t have to choose between French tips or holiday hearts. If you can believe it, he painted this perfect heart by hand. Here’s her tactic: “I placed two dots next to each other to create the top of the heart. With a fine detail brush, I drew a V under the dots and filled it in.”

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Make sure the base coat is dry before adding the heart on top (and yes, it also works as a relationship metaphor). Welcome to our favorite manicure that looks so professional but is easy to create at home with the right tools.

Nail artist Tessa started with her favorite clear base coat, Orly’s rose tinted glasses. Then he added a half layer of Kinno gold foil flake, which should be abstract and uneven. She then used heart sealer to add a mix of red and white hearts before finishing with a glittery top coat.

People who can’t paint freehand, this look is for you. Want a more affordable Valentine’s Day flower option? Te Amo arrangements include roses, garden roses, spray carnations, alstroemeria, hypericum berries and ruscus, starting at $60. Choose from a variety of flowers for an additional fee.

“These rose quartz nails are all about self-care and self-love,” Ellis says of the inspiration for this manicure. For this very detailed look, you can’t go wrong with snap-on pieces like the ones on Etsy, which have a very similar gold foil.

Best Flower Delivery Services For Valentines Day

Add color to your table with these elegant Decker tablecloths hand-dyed and embroidered in Los Angeles. Best of all, they’re machine washable, so there’s no need to worry about the occasional cocktail spill. These overlays form a minimal decorative scheme by adding color and texture.

This woman-founded brand has tons of other fantastic tie-dye items, including towels, table runners, and soft baby diapers. Sending your love to someone who recently moved into their first apartment, is in college, or loves leopard print?

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Printresh, a brand known for its unique prints and soft pajamas, offers a variety of shower curtains, including the fun Bagheeera shower curtains. It’s an unexpected delight. These long, glittery nails by nail artist Ashley Hughes are given an extra sparkle with Swarovski crystals.

But instead of creating a heart on one nail, she combined the shape on two nails, an unexpected and incredibly beautiful twist. Or simply print a photo and place it in one of Rifle Paper Company’s photo frames.

Best Tech Gifts For Valentines Day

This elegant Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day gift features two of the brand’s most popular prints: Garden Party and Hydrangea, among others. These 4×6 frames are great on a desk, shelf or nightstand. Bose products are known for their excellent sound quality, and the new Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II are no exception.

They claim to offer the world’s best active noise cancellation and new CustomTune technology that automatically adjusts the music to your ears. They even have an “aware mode” that stops noise cancellation if you need to hear your surroundings.

Bouqs Co. the arrangements also have a contemporary eye, as seen in this rose bouquet of lilies, anemones and snapdragons. If you want, you can buy a smaller or larger version and spend an additional $12 per vase.

If you’re looking to buy a Playstation 5 console for someone in your life, start looking now – they’re still in short supply. You can use the buttons below to check stock on all major merchandise.

Spacex Crew Docks At Iss

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to stick to red and pink nail colors. This whimsical design by Lucy from The Nail Room Chats & Co. You can easily recreate London at home using colors from your collection.

Start by painting your nails with nude or ivory nail polish, then create heart tips using a stencil (like this one). Finish by applying a glossy top coat to add shine and prevent frizz. “Inverted Vs is a classic 1920s nail art design,” says Lucy of @thenailroomchats, creator of this bright purple manicure.

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“We added dnd red glitter for a more modern glow.” For extra clean lines, use tape or stencil and a fine line brush on the edges of the Vs. If you find it hard to get involved with holiday nail art after the holidays, go for Miss Pop’s Valentine look.

The nail artist used a line brush to paint pink and purple kisses over a soft pink background, leaving a translucent crescent moon that will turn into a crescent moon when the nails start growing, so feel free to keep this manicure until St. Patrick’s Day.

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Day. Mix traditional holiday reds and pinks with a contrasting shade. Nail artist Sarah Thompson kept it classic in these short nails with a pink base and little red hearts, but threw in a little pale blue near the cuticles for a pretty color-blocked effect.

Real candy hearts have had a rough couple of years. Due to bankruptcy filings, there was a deficit in 2019, and this year more than half of the candies on the shelves will be empty. But your nail art tribute can mean whatever you want.

Nail artist Dewan Asbury chose classic messages for her beautiful interpretation of pastels, but there are no limits (except space, of course). They ask for this almost clever idea with pointed nails. Instead of a simple red round for a French manicure, use the shape of the points to create hearts.

Nail artist Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein used CND Shellac Be Demure for the pink base and the same formula for the red Rose Brocade hearts. “Inspired by a retro video game aesthetic, this look is so fun to recreate at home,” says nail artist Rachel Messick.

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“Start with a milky white or sheer base and use a fine brush to create small white rectangles and deep magenta loops, then create minimalistic hearts and dots with a toothpick or narrow point.” As for product, Messick recommends Static Nails Liquid Glass Bubble Bath for your base, Essie’s Cherry on Top for the heart details, and OPI Alpine Snow for the white rectangles.

Give your Valentine the hottest sneaker of the season. Ugg’s Tasman slippers sold out during the holiday season. These must-have sneakers are back just in time for Valentine’s Day. They also come in lots of fun colors.

As you might have gathered, there is no shortage of romantic iterations of the French manicure. Here, the manicurist and co-founder of The Gel Bottle Inc.
Ambassador Alexandra Taleki combines two-tone French tips with heart prints using the brand’s gel shades BIAB19, Crocus and Princess.

If you want to create the look at home, choose Essie shades Big Spender and Muchi, Muchi.

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