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2022 To 2023 Picture – “What I like most about the painting is that it shows how there is a connection between man and nature everywhere. The photo shows how big nature is compared to people. It’s a reminder to keep that connection and remember that we need to protect biodiversity.

Looking at these images from 2022, it’s impossible not to see glimpses of a different kind of war being waged here in the United States, with mass shootings taking lives seemingly every week. Sometimes the most powerful image is that of an object that reveals its pain and tragedy, like Tamir Khalifa’s photo of a bullet-riddled notebook taken from a classroom in Uwald, Texas, where 19 children and two teachers were killed.

2022 To 2023 Picture

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The notebook belonged to one of those children, 10-year-old Uzia Garcia. Colombo, Sri Lanka, July 13. Protesters took control of the prime minister’s office after President Gathabai Rajapaksa fled the country. For months, protesters have accused Mr. Rajapaksa of running the economy through corruption and mismanagement.

Rodante, North Carolina, May 10. Two houses collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean off Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks. The once rich strip of beach in front of the houses has largely disappeared due to natural erosion and rising sea levels.

Houston, January 25. Wendy Marcum makes friends with a dog outside. After her divorce, Ms. Marcum experienced homelessness and debilitating depression; after years in shelters, he finally found his place through a rapid resettlement program. “I looked up and noticed that Layla was looking at her mother. I wondered what it must have been like for her mother to be in that position at that moment. Pride and admiration for her mother, but it also showed her that she knew the problems.

what her mother had to go through to get this place for herself WASHINGTON, June 24 Anti-abortion activists celebrate outside the Supreme Court after the justices overturned Roe v. Wade 6-3, a landmark decision that ended nearly 50 years of constitutional rights

abortion The Academy Award for Best Picture is the pinnacle of cinematography and is always one of the most popular categories at the Academy Awards. The 95th Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, March 12, and will select the ten best films of 2022 for

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grand prize. Collegeville, Pa., Nov. 3. John Fetterman, Democratic candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate seat, at a rally. Mr. Fetterman, who suffered a stroke during the campaign, defeated Mech Oz’s goal, helping him consolidate his party’s control of the Senate In the shock of the invasion, the pictures began to change.

Linsey, Tyler Hicks, and David Guttenfelder, fellow veterans of conflict coverage, told us that the destruction of artillery warfare creates too many similar scenes. They started looking for something else. Second place, People and nature. A seal caught in a fishing net on Dune Island near Helgoland, Germany.

# Jordan, June 4. A woman with her daughter in a luxurious carriage of the historic Hijaz railway. Once an ambitious project to connect the countries of the Middle East, the train now passes through Jordan’s 50-mile strip.

“For me, the most touching moment was when another wounded man was fitted with a prosthetic leg. The nurse called to me, “David, David, come quickly!” All the other patients came in on crutches and wheelchairs, all peering into the room while he was being adjusted, kicking and joking.

It felt like a family united in this common struggle.” Aberdeenshire, Scotland, September 6. Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle two days before her death. The Queen has changed her schedule due to health reasons. He broke with tradition by holding the ceremony to appoint Liz Truss as British Prime Minister at a castle instead of Buckingham Palace.

Washington, November 17. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the first woman in the post and the top Democrat in the House for two decades, received applause after announcing she would step down as leader. Images from the first moments of the conflict in Ukraine showed open fear and disbelief.

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The war reached the great European capital of Kiev and its nearby outskirts. The refugees burst into the westbound train, squeezing past a woman who closed her eyes and screamed. Kyiv, Ukraine, March 2. 27-year-old Tarja in her tent at the metro station where she lived with her two children.

15,000 people fled from bomb blasts and artillery shelling in the subway. London, September 10. William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales, and Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, made a rare appearance outside Windsor Castle to greet the crowds gathered to mourn Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

longest reigning monarch. Near Bakhmut, Ukraine, August 10. An artillery unit of the 58th Ukrainian brigade opened fire on an advancing Russian infantry unit. “We have a lot of motivation,” said one of the captains. “In front of us are our infantry and we must cover them. Behind us are our families. Shamrock, Texas, April 13. The Panhandle is full of abandoned centers like this one, where a stray cat was one of the few signs of life. After the redeployment of the guerrillas 13-

i regiment joined Denton, a racially diverse city with a conservative stronghold in the Panhandle that has silenced the political voice of many non-white Texans. HOLLYWOOD, March 27. Chris Rock was hit hard at the Oscars for actor Will Smith. Mr. Smith stormed the stage after

, as the comedian got his wife to joke about Jada Pinkett Smith: “I didn’t realize how intense the health care decisions were, including the Katrina situation where they had to terminate the twins she was pregnant with.

The health of one fetus affected the health of the other
and the mother. She’s a very strong woman in her own right, and she pushed very hard to get her story out there. Gasol, Indonesia, November 25.

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Lily Sholihat, 36, and her children remained in their village after the 5.6-magnitude earthquake destroyed tens of thousands of homes and killed at least 310 people in the Chanjur region of West Java. “I saw a father going shopping with two small children.

When they came out, all they had was this unique gallon of milk. A year ago I looked up how much it would cost them. The percentage growth was wild. That was nearly 35 percent more expensive than last year, on top of a 10 percent trade markup.

The juxtaposition of the billionaire’s expectation and his vision was fascinating. Charlotte, North Carolina, April 4. Laura Jackson reflected on the loss of her husband, Charlie, as the US neared a million deaths from the pandemic.

Mr Jackson fell ill in April 2020 and was not allowed to stay with him in the hospital. Curated by Tanner Curtis and Jeffrey Henson Scales. Interview by Dion Searcy. Digital design by Alice Fang and Matt Ruby.

Produced by Peter Blair, Natasha King, Wendy Lu, Valencia Prashad and Jessica Schnall. Additional production by Justin Beck. “I was focusing really hard on Chris Rock and all of a sudden I see someone coming into the frame behind me and I think my instincts kicked in.

I knew I had a picture, but I didn’t know what happened. Later, someone asked, “How did you feel when you took that picture that went around the world?” And my answer was, “I was so relieved that I didn’t have to go through the shame the next day.”

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Can you imagine if I missed that?” Kharkiv, Ukraine, April 17. The apartment building caught fire after Russia fired missiles at Ukrainian cities and military facilities, allegedly in retaliation for the sinking of a key naval ship and in preparation for an offensive in the Donbass.

US-Mexico border, December 7. On the left, Mexico is separated from Arizona by a winding temporary wall of shipping containers. The wall, which runs through several miles of national forest, was commissioned by outgoing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

“For me, heroes were all those who stayed and were ready to resist the occupiers. They were actors, doctors, pensioners, and students, and practically everyone became a volunteer. It was important to show the war through a specific person, so that each of us could look into his eyes, see ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves if we could do the same.

Greenville, Miss., Oct. 25. Sand dunes where the Mississippi River normally flows. Amid the drought, the river’s famously broad course and powerful currents have disappeared to levels not seen in decades, choking waterways and jeopardizing drinking water supplies.Beijing, February 15.

Belgian athlete Loena Hendricks performs in the women’s singles short program in figure skating. She did not perform as well as she had hoped and was hugged by her coach after leaving the ice. Saghez, Iran, October 26.

Thousands of Iranians headed to Mahsa Amin’s hometown to mark his 40th day of mourning, which is observed in accordance with Islamic tradition. The day was overshadowed by the ivald force as security forces attacked and shot protesters in parts of the country.

Nara, Japan, July 8. Security guards grappled with Tetsuya Yamagami just after former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead at a campaign event. Police officials said Mr. Yamagami used a homemade gun to kill Abe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister.

Korolev, September 2. Serena Williams after an away match at the US Open, which she lost to Australia’s Aila Tamljanovic in thrilling three sets. “It’s been the most incredible trip and journey I’ve ever been on in my life,” Williams, the greatest player in modern tennis, said tearfully.

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