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Seton Hall Law Academic Calendar – We are a community of talented faculty, students and alumni who value our commitment to service and excellence. Seton Hall is a unique collegiate law school in New Jersey, where students interact closely with professors throughout their law school experience and beyond.

Our strong network of dedicated alumni and great law school professors are invaluable and accessible resources for our students. Plan a campus visit to Seton Hall Law! Seton Hall offers a hybrid JD option that can provide the best work-school-life balance for you.

Seton Hall Law Academic Calendar

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Prospective law students can earn their JD degree through Seton Hall Law School’s correspondence weekend format. The courses are taught by the same talented professors who teach in our full-time department. When students in the absentee weekend program are not in the classroom, they use technology to interact with teachers and peers.

Get To Know Seton Hall Law

This flexible program allows students to self-direct part of their learning experience when and where it suits their lives. A weekend JD is approved by the ABA. A graduate of an ABA-approved school can sit for the bar exam in any state in the country, exponentially increasing your job opportunities after graduation.

At Seton Hall Law, we take a holistic approach to the application process. We review all parts of the application: academic profile (LSAT/GRE and UGPA), graduate GPA, letters of recommendation, resume, personal statements, attachments, and more.

We are looking for students who are suitable for collaboration. culturally and academically able to handle the rigors of law school. A great place to start is to meet with your career advisor. Each student has a career advisor who works with their major as part of their success team.

To schedule an appointment, visit Compass, one of the widgets within PirateNet. Once you are logged in to Compass, go to the right corner to schedule an appointment with your career advisor. Each consultant also offers drop-in appointments.

Admission Decisions Beyond The Numbers

At your meeting, you can discuss a variety of topics such as resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, and job/internship search strategies. The Center for Social Justice prepares laws to become advocates who affect positive and lasting change.

We are committed to achieving fair treatment for all through litigation and advocacy that challenges systemic racism and seeks just results for our clients. We invite all Seton Hall Law students to join us in this mission.

Established in 1899, this is the first year that the NJSBA has offered an award to students. In total, this year the NJSBA recognized 20 individuals in six award categories for their “extraordinary commitment to pro bono legal services to underserved residents of New Jersey”;

nine were Seton Hall law students—all part of law professor Paula Franzese’s Leadership Fellows Program, which consists of second-, third-, and fourth-year law students who demonstrate leadership ability and/or leadership potential. The application deadline for Seton Hall University School of Law is 1. The application fee for the full-time program at Seton Hall University School of Law is $65.

The Jd Program

The application fee for the part-time program at Seton Hall University School of Law is $65. Its tuition is full-time: $60,152 and part-time: $45,532. The student-faculty ratio is 8.4:1. Seton Hall Law supports each student in finding a unique career path and then works to provide employment that matches the student’s aspirations.

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Recognizing the endless possibilities offered by a Seton Hall Law degree, the Seton Hall Law faculty and administration are committed to lifelong commitment by empowering graduates to achieve their professional goals. The loyalty of a Seton Hall graduate is exceptionally strong and says a lot about who we are.

The Seton Hall Law Gibbons Institute for Law, Science and Technology educates and trains the next generation of lawyers and professionals for the complex challenges they face as scientific and technological advances challenge business, law and legal institutions.

The Center for Social Justice is home to most of the Law School’s clinical programs, as well as the Pro Bono Service Program. Students entering their final year of law school can apply to attend one of CSJ’s clinics.

Access Superior Professional Development

Working closely with experienced faculty in small classes, our clinical students provide valuable legal services to clients in New Jersey and beyond. CSJ practices a combination of individual client representation, impact litigation and public policy advocacy to ensure justice for our clients and our community.

Students also write reports and community education materials, manage social media sites, and provide Know Your Rights presentations to educate individuals about their legal rights. Nine Seton Hall law students (and former students) have received awards from the New Jersey State Bar for their work in producing a series of informative videos for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Just 15 miles from New York City, enjoy a vibrant and culturally diverse city with easy access to major attractions such as Times Square, Jersey Shore, Atlantic City Boardwalk and the Pocono Mountains. Newark is also home to the New Jersey Devils (NHL), NY Red Bulls (MLS) and Seton Hall Pirates Basketball (NCAA).

We offer unparalleled legal education in an open learning environment that offers endless possibilities. Students benefit from the ability to develop their legal skills prior to graduation by participating in a variety of experiential learning opportunities.

Judicial Clerkships

Practical experiences through clinical and internship programs will enhance your legal education and prepare you for your future legal career. Outside of the classroom, students may consider participating in a number of student organizations, including the Christian Legal Fellowship, the Arts Law Society, and the Health La
w Forum.

Seton Hall also has several student legal journals: Seton Hall Law Review, Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, Legislative Journal, and Circuit Review. For students interested in spending time outside the northeastern United States, Seton Hall Law coordinates study abroad experiences in Cairo, Geneva and other locations.

What many prospective law students are really looking for when looking for online law school is flexibility – the ability to take courses at their own pace or on their own schedule. This need for flexibility is often tied to career or family commitments.

“9 to 5” no longer describes most jobs in this country. Add family meals, childcare needs, and other unexpected demands to the workday, and it’s clear to see the need for more flexibility in ABA-approved law school programs.

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Customize Your Law School Experience

A commitment to community service through clinical legal education has grown over the years, and in 1991 Seton Hall Law School established the Center for Social Justice (CSJ) as a public interest law firm for the disadvantaged and underrepresented.

Seton Hall law students are prepared to intern with an existing professional network, providing a competitive advantage in the evolving legal marketplace. Class of 2020 graduates have an overall employment rate of 94%, and the National Law Journal ranks Seton Hall in the top 20 nationally for employability.

Additionally, 89.4% of the Class of 2020 passed the bar exam on the first try. All law students participate in a skills curriculum that provides hands-on training in a small classroom setting. Additionally, JD students visit centers managed by Seton Hall Law School, including the Center for Health and Pharmaceutical Law and Policy, the Center for Social Justice, the Gibbons Institute for Law, Science and Technology, and the Center for Religiously Affiliated Corporations

. Students can focus their studies on health law, a program for which Seton Hall has a high rating, or intellectual property law. “I am eternally grateful that Seton Hall offered the Law Weekend Program when I wasn’t sure I could make it through law school in the evenings. I know students have done the evening program for years, but with two kids, it just wasn’t

is not an option for me.” If you are unsure about your career path, the Career Center offers Candid Career, a platform with thousands of videos that provide career information and job and internship search advice.

Candid career can be accessed through its widget on PirateNet. In addition to its legal education programs, Seton Hall Law School offers an M.S.J. Health, Science and Technology Law (LL.M.) program for students who want to apply legal principles to their careers without becoming a lawyer.

You can also access the handshake, job, internship and event database managed by the Career Center. It can be accessed via a widget on PirateNet. Through Handshake, you can search for experience that will help you boost your CV and confidence when applying for future positions.

You can also Google, Warner Bros. You can attend virtual events hosted by companies like Discovery and Morgan Stanley. These events range from information sessions to question-and-answer panels with professionals. In terms of networking, the Career Center encourages you to create a LinkedIn profile.

You can add your past experiences and skills to your profiles, which can continue to be added to as you become more involved on campus. To help build your online network, you can join the Seton Hall University Career Center Network of over 5,000 Seton Hall students and alumni.

Once you join, you can browse group members to connect with colleagues and alumni in your desired field. You can also access the group’s internship postings, full-time job postings, and informational articles from alumni and career advisors.

For more face-to-face networking, you can attend Career Center events. You can attend the Spring 2023 Career Fair on March 29 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Practice your networking skills by speaking with professionals from over 100 companies in Bethany Hall;

Highest Honor: Keith Menscher Named Alumnus Of The Year | Middlesex CollegeSource:

it can help build your network and trust. You will attend classes on alternate weekends. In the first two years, you can expect to be on campus from 8:30 to 5:00 on Saturdays and from 9:00 to 2:15 on Sundays.

Class work is held over eight weekends per semester, with an additional weekend for final exams. When you’re not on campus, you’ll engage in self-directed activities and participate in remote discussions with your professors and classmates using the Seton Hall learning platform.

After the first two years, the course becomes more flexible. You can follow an alternative weekend format, combine several weekday or evening classes, and take up to 15 credits entirely online. Students get an inside look at the justice system from behind the bench as they work for a judge at the state or federal level.

Clerkships also allow students to improve their legal research and writing skills. Law students can begin volunteering with the Center for Social Justice through the Pro Bono Service Program in their first year of law school.

We help students find a place that fits their interests, develops the skills they want to develop, meets a community need and fits their schedule. For example, students can volunteer for a 3-hour legal clinic to help with housing or consumer law, or they can research complex legislative changes and evaluate legislative reforms.

When you study at Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, NJ, students are just a short train ride from New York City and Wall Street. Students are encouraged to complete an internship for academic credit through school-related opportunities, including judicial internships, IRS internships, entertainment industry internships, and European judicial internships.

Jaden W. Jackson, a 2022 graduate who currently clerks for Hudson County Superior Court Judge Veronica Allende, accepted the award on behalf of the
Seton Hall team. In accepting the award, Jackson noted that the work was “a community project built by a village of law students, lawyers, paralegals, translators, film professionals, film students and more.”

She also told an audience of lawyers, judges and community members that the project “hit very deep” for her as she grew up in a family that “suffered from domestic violence.” She shared that she heard about the work of her mother, she said: “This will help many families to live a less scary existence. If we had such resources when we run, I think our life – and your childhood

– would be much safer, happier, time.” Seton Hall Law School offers multiple ways to customize your legal education and earn distinctive professional credentials through experiential learning. Students can complete the JD program full-time or part-time in a weekend format.

Benefit from a practical curriculum designed by forward-thinking professors and earn a law degree tailored to your professional interests.

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