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Telugu Calendar 2022 India – टेल्गुग • தமிழ் • केंडा • हिंदी • People throw away old and broken things that are not used on Bogi Day. People wake up early in the morning to light the Bogi Mantalu fire made of wood and other solid fuel.

Burning discarded wooden objects at home is part of the Bogi ceremony. People also burn crackers in the morning. Vania 02 January 01:52 News | Politics | Entertainment lifestyle | Sports Photo | Video | Tech

Telugu Calendar 2022 India

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Bohi is a Sankranti event in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Boogie 2022 is on January 14. According to TTD panchangam and state government calendar, it will be celebrated on January 13, 2022. Telugu and Tamil cultures also celebrate Bogi on the same day.

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An important activity during the day is the burning of all harmful or non-valuable items – a ritual of purification. This is a monthly list of most Telugu festivals in 2022. Most of the Telugu festivals are marked according to the position of Sun and Moon.

Telugu festivals depend on geographical location and may differ between two cities, and the difference is noticeable for cities in different time zones. Therefore, it is important to determine the location before checking the festival list.

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After the winter equinox, Bogi is the last day the sun goes south before the start of Uttarayana, when the sun starts moving north. To honor this happy transition in the seasons, it is a day of washing and rinsing;

the old life and other unwanted things are removed, symbolizing the beginning of a new life. Neighbors usually light a fire in the morning with firewood, solid fuel, wooden furniture and other unusable garbage. Previous Day • The next day in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Bohi is celebrated on 13 January 2022.

Below are the Bogi dates for the next five years in Tamil and Telugu calendars as well as important Bogi timings. The Telugu lunar year begins with the new moon in Chaitramu (March-April). To view festivals by month name (such as Chaitramu, Vaisahamu) and lunar cycle, please select the ‘Month Base’ option in the toolbar above.

If you see month names and want to see Gregorian month names (like January, February), select the “Gregorian base” option under the tools above. The aim is to get rid of the old elements and focus on the transformation and metamorphosis of the Pongal season.

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People can use rice flour and flower petals to make beautiful geometric ground and floor decorations in Bogi. In rural areas, this time of year is closely associated with harvest. People worship Indra, the rain god, for good fortune, wealth and happiness.

Godha Devi was one of the twelve Alvars, or great devotees of Vishnu, and Mother Earth, Bodevi. It was found in Periyalwar court. As an adult, he became a devotee of Vishnu and a mystical poet.

Thiruppavai was his pen name. Due to her constant devotion to Bhagavan Vishnu, she overcame her disability and became the wife of Lord Ranganatha (Bhagavan Vishnu) of Srirangam. Goddess Goda Devi is a prominent patron of Bakhti Marga.

It is a well-known example of bridal mysticism – moksha through marriage, similar to Vishnu’s Bhti Bhava. He attained salvation when Goda Devi (Andal) joined Sri Ranganatha on the day of Bohi. As a result, the day Goda Devi attains Boha Aikya is called Bohi.

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Bogi 2022 date and time: In the southern states of India, Bogi is the first day of the Pongal harvest festival, which lasts for four days. It is a day when people let go of old things and welcome new happiness and success in their lives.

So, let’s know more about Bohi 2022 date and time and also when is Bohi festival in Tamil and Telugu calendar 2022. Bahula Chaturdasi Monday. Pushyam 2022 begins on Monday, January 3. Visit Telugu Panchangam January 2022 for daily updates

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