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Cbcsd Calendar – CBCSD is a non-denominational Christian church. In addition to the main campus in the Mount Carmel/Rancho Bernardo area, we have 4 campuses in San Diego and Riverside counties: West, Central, North, and Temecula. The West Campus became independent in 2010 and is now called Living Water Bible Church.

We also have a downtown worship center serving seniors in downtown San Diego. Council Bluffs Mayor Matt Walsh proclaimed American Education Week from November 13-19 in Council Bluffs and encouraged citizens to show pride in our schools and appreciate the contribution education makes to the vitality of our community.

Cbcsd Calendar

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By the grace of God, the Chinese Bible Church of San Diego (CBCSD) has grown rapidly since its founding in 1987. We are still inadequate in many ways, so we humbly rely on God’s mercy as we seek success in our maturity, love.

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Mayor Proclaims American Education Week Nov –

faith, and knowledge. Our goal is not to establish a large religious organization, but rather, our vision is to allow God to make us a healthy body of Christ. May all whom God brings to our church experience his love and see his greatness confirmed, his gospel proclaimed, his holiness revealed and his name glorified through us.

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