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District 279 Calendar – eLearning Days are designed to prevent the loss of instructional time due to weather-related school cancellations. eLearning days provide our district with options to meet statutory student instructional time requirements in addition to coming up with days.

Staff and families will be notified on the eLearning day of a weather cancellation at least two hours prior to the start of the normal school day using our normal weather cancellation communication protocol. “Going to school” looks different to our researchers.

District 279 Calendar

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Although every student’s routine is different, all scholars have a typical schedule that they follow each school day – just like in a traditional classroom. In Ulee Lheue, the “ground zero” of the tsunami, only one building remained: the century-old Baiturrahim Mosque;

The pictures show a battered structure surrounded by a field of destruction. Chief Imam Mohammad Iqbal, who lost his brother and grandmother in the tragedy, attributed the mosque’s survival to God’s grace. “Everything has been destroyed. Only the mosque was left. It was like the end of days,” he said.

A stone’s throw away, the once deadly ocean glistened innocently in the afternoon sun. In Ulee Lheue, only 10 percent of the pre-disaster population of 6,000 survived. In fact, the only outward signs of the disaster are boats washed up by the waves in odd places: one still standing atop a building in Banda Aceh – one of many small memorials to the tragedy – and another rusting on the beach.

a short drive from town. Opened in the capital in 2009, the Aceh Tsunami Museum in a purpose-built building modeled after the shape of a tidal wave is not only a symbolic reminder of the disaster, but also an emergency shelter in case the waters flood every time I return.

to Banda Aceh. On December 26, 2004, a new, strange and scary word entered the vocabulary of the Indonesian province of Aceh. The 9-magnitude earthquake off the west coast of Sumatra triggered huge tidal waves – some as high as 30 meters – that killed an estimated 230,000 people and devastated coastal communities in 11 countries.

Aceh, surrounded by the ocean at the northern tip of Sumatra, was one of the areas most affected by the tsunami. The disaster claimed the lives of 130,000 people and displaced half a million. Entire families were washed away by the flood.

The geography of the province’s coast was quickly redrawn. The provincial capital, Banda Aceh, has almost been wiped off the map. Scholars and families looking to learn beyond the walls of the traditional classroom can find a connection with 279Online.

Our full-time academic day extends online learning from Kindergarten to Grade 12. At the heart of personalized education, our highly trained teachers use a combination of live learning, independent work and a robust curriculum to maximize your learning.

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In general, the school can be expected to progress, even in extreme weather conditions. If you think the weather is too dangerous for your child to go to school on the school day, you can keep your child at home.

Report your absence by calling your school’s absence phone. “When I got here, all the people were still collecting bodies,” said Amrullah, a Plan International worker who arrived in Banda Aceh six days after the tsunami to assess the situation and begin helping survivors.

“When we wanted to discuss the distribution of [emergency aid], [people] didn’t care. Everyone was just confused,” he said. The scale of the destruction was so great that it even opened the way for a solution to the region’s civil war, which has continued for almost three decades.

Shortly after the tsunami struck, the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian military announced a ceasefire to reach survivors. Eight months later, in August 2005, the two sides finally signed a peace agreement, ending a conflict that had cost about 15,000 lives.

BANDA ACEH – One thing people will always remember about the Indian Ocean tsunami is the terrifying sound the tidal wave made as it approached the shore. Rahmadullah, 31, remembered a “whirlwind-like sound”. Mohammad Saleh, a 54-year-old primary school principal, said the wave made a sound “like a bomb”, pushing trees, houses and buildings aside like so many cardboard boxes.

“He was as tall as a coconut tree,” recalls 31-year-old carpenter Teuku Mirwan, describing the seawater wall. “He was black.” Apart from this, Banda Aceh has surprisingly little to show for Southeast Asia’s worst natural disaster.

In the city center, young people ride motorcycles on streets lined with billboards. Restaurants, cafes and shopping centers are full and open until late at night. “Reconstruction has not only been a success, replacing what was destroyed, but also increasing development,” said Bukhari Daud, 55, Aceh Besar district governor from 2007 to 2012, who helped coordinate the reconstruction effort.

Although he acknowledged that the sudden influx of foreign aid usually brought many problems, including low-level corruption and rent-seeking, Daud hailed the reconstruction effort as a success, adding that improved infrastructure had opened up new economic opportunities for many people.

. “If you hadn’t seen Banda Aceh before, you wouldn’t know what has changed,” he said. The lessons were learned particularly well in Banda Aceh. Around the city, orange signs indicate new tsunami evacuation routes, and warning sirens have been installed in places along the coast.

District Calendar / Academic CalendarSource: www.littleelmisd.net

Mohammed Saleh, principal of Lamnga Elementary School in Aceh Besar district, said that his teachers participate in dis
aster training organized by the government and the Indonesian Red Cross every year. The school, which was destroyed in the tsunami and rebuilt in 2006 with funding from Plan International, also hosts annual disaster drills to teach students how to respond in the event of the next mega-quake.

“If there is something now, we know what to do,” Saleh said. At Osseo Area Schools, our mission is to inspire and prepare all students with the confidence, courage and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to the community;

and learn all your life. 279Online brings to life what makes our researchers really shine. “The teachers are wonderful. They make personal connections and create a real community among their classes. My students have fun academically, use technology and their personality is strengthened comfortably in our home.

I’m at home, but my role is basically the same as if my kids weren’t there!” Sebastian Strangio is a journalist based in Phnom Penh and the author of Cambodia Hun Sen. His work has been published in The Economist, Asia Times and The Phnom Penh Post, among others.

He can be contacted at [email protected]. But while a decade has been enough to rebuild the region’s infrastructure, the mental scars may take much longer to heal. Few people in Aceh were unscathed by the disaster. Many have seen loved ones, possessions and communities swept away from the sea – an unfathomable emotional and psychological burden.

Dilla Damayanti was only five years old when he saw a school friend washed away by the waves. Today, when he feels a slight tremor – which happens often – the 15-year-old said he felt the old panic rising.

“When an earthquake happens, the trauma is still there,” he said. Osseo Area Schools will implement a new traffic approval requirement for the 2022-23 school year. This process does not change student bus eligibility, but requires parents/guardians of eligible K-12 students to provide information on how their students will get to and from school.

This year, the FirstView bus tracking application can be used for bus tracking, which monitors the arrival of student buses using GPS. Stay tuned for more information later this month. Osseo Area Schools developed a comprehensive contingency plan with the help of local law enforcement, emergency management and public health officials.

The preparedness plan covers all four phases of crisis management: prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Read more about the Osseo area schools emergency plan on our website. All back-to-school forms are completed online this year. Forms included in this process include emergency cards, family contact updates, and photographic consents/military refusals.

Camdenton Middle SchoolSource: 3.files.edl.io

Take the necessary steps today by using ParentVUE, which you can access from the Family Access button in the upper right corner of any district or school website. On-screen prompts guide you through the Back to School form process.

The 279Online experience is based on the following principles: innovation, creativity, opportunity, belonging and individuality. We invite you and scholars from all over Minnesota to learn more and become part of our dedicated online learning community, with a promise to help you develop a sense of wonder and a love of learning.

At the same time, international aid flowed in to support reconstruction and manage the developing humanitarian situation. A total of about $7 billion was eventually committed to rebuilding homes and infrastructure in tsunami-hit areas. The tsunami also prompted the Jakarta government to rethink its disaster management mechanisms: disaster preparedness procedures were centralized and placed under the direct authority of the president;

In 2007, the government passed a law requiring disaster risk reduction measures to be included in the construction of new offices, schools, factories and homes. Four years later, the UN recognized these efforts by recognizing Indonesian President Susilo Bambanga Yudhoyono as a “World Champion of Natural Disaster Risk Reduction.”

Mental health statistics are hard to come by, but the World Health Organization estimates that up to 20 percent of the population may suffer from stress-related disorders as a result of a large-scale disaster like the Indian Ocean tsunami.

The case of Aceh during years of civil war and conflict. Plan International’s Amrullah said the people of Aceh were “traumatized by the army and then by the tidal wave”. “We can’t measure the size.” Each of our teachers is professional and trained in online learning and has made the choice to be part of the 279Online community.

The participation of teachers in online learning increases the experience of our researchers. Each of our teachers has boundless creativity and imagination, and is constantly exploring different ways to shape each student’s educational path. Their intuition and deep relationship with each researcher helps them know when to push and challenge their researcher.

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