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Uw Madison 2022 Calendar – *        Jewish holiday celebrations begin at sundown on the day before the one listed as a holiday. ** Islamic holidays are based on the lunar cycle and dates may differ by one day from those listed.

***         New Year celebrations are held in many countries in South and Southeast Asia at this time. The exact retention days may vary. These dates have religious and cultural significance for many Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and others.

Uw Madison 2022 Calendar

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****        The official graduation date for the diploma is May 14, 2023. Final grades are due to the Registrar’s Office 72 hours after the last day of the last exam, regardless of whether a two-hour block exam was taken.

Annual Security And Fire Safety Report

This is the date agreed by the Faculty Senate. For questions about final exams or submitting grades, see the Registrar’s Office pages. TO: Deans, directors, professors and academic staff CC: Directors of facilities and administrative units, assistant professors FROM: John Karl Scholz, Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Lori Reesor, Vice Provost for Affairs

Student Heather Daniels, AP School Secretary :          Policy and guidelines for religious and election days State law states that any student who has a conflict between an academic requirement and any religious holiday (which may involve travel time) must

be involved) to provide an alternative to fulfill the academic requirement. There are a variety of valid claims and there are no practical, honorable or legal ways to evaluate individual claims. © 2023 University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents  · Student Affairs · Privacy Notice · Comments, Questions, or Accessibility Issues  · Sitemap ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY In accordance with administrative and faculty policy, faculty are requested not to schedule mandatory exercises on days

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when they are religious, rituals can cause a large number of students to be absent from university. Some religions celebrate holidays over several days, which may begin at sundown on the day before the holiday. Any student who has a conflict between an academic requirement and any religious holiday must have another way to satisfy the academic requirement.

Final Grading

A student’s claim of religious conflict, which may involve travel time, should be accepted on a case-by-case basis. We are writing to remind you of UW-Madison’s religious holiday policy and to clarify faculty legislation regarding the Election Day holiday.

As you complete your next semester’s syllabus and enter the semester, please read the following. Our policy is to be sensitive to the needs of individual students. SEMESTER 2 Martin Luther King Holiday Monday January 15, 2024 Instruction Begins Tuesday January 16, 2024 SVM Spring Break March 9-17, 2024 (SAVMA 3/14-17 TN University CVM & Lincoln Memorial University CVM) UW Break

Spring 23– 31 March 2024 Last day Friday 26 April 2024 Examination Day Saturday 27 April 2024 Exam period Sunday 28 April – Saturday 4 May 2024 Year 1 & 2 WEEKS optional Monday 6 May – Friday 10 May 2024 Year 3 clinics will be a

‘ start Monday 13 May 2024 Process played on the Thursday before the last day of class which completes the grade list. You can contact the person who submits courses for your department or call 262-3811 if you have questions about when the grade list for a particular course will be ready for grading.

Symposium: The French 2022 Elections And The Transformations Of French  Politics | The French HouseSource: uwfrenchhouse.org

Once the lists are created, the appropriate grading icons will appear on each gradeable class in the School Center and the final grading can begin. The Annual Safety and Fire Safety Report contains current site safety and control policies, crime statistics and fire safety policies, and on-campus student fire safety statistics for the last three years.

UW-Madison will provide a hard copy upon request: contact the University of Wisconsin Police Department at [email protected]. Instructors must use the MyUW Faculty Center to submit final grades and grade changes. Until grades are completed by instructors and marked “Submitted to the Registrar”, they will not be posted to student records and will not be considered official by the Office of the Registrar.

Posting is required before grade reports are available to students using the Student Center in MyUW. Access to grades will be removed from teachers three days (72 hours) from the last day of the last exam in a given period.

Summer terms do not have final exam periods, so the 72-hour grading deadline is applied using the last class day of the session. According to the policy, the grading dates for the following terms are as follows: Midterm grades for first year students are prepared at the end of the fifth week or classes.

Intermediate levels are available to students on Monday week eight in their MyUW Student Centre. An email will be sent to all students with week five grades informing them that they are available in the Student Centre.

Professional Development Winter Warm-Up – Graduate School | Uw–Madison – Uw– MadisonSource: grad.wisc.edu

Note that Ramadan falls this year from March 22nd to April 21st. Muslim students observing Ramadan fast from dawn to sunset during the last month of the academic year. Please extend all possible flexibility to these students.

More information on making accommodations for religious fasting: insidehighered.com/news/2019/05/14/colleges-try-accommodate-muslim-students-fast
ing-ramadan SEMESTER 1 New Year 1 Student Orientation Wednesday 30 August – Friday 1 September 2023 Year 2 & 3 WEEKS optional Monday 28 August – Friday 1 September 2023 Labor Day (holiday) Monday 4 September 2023 Instruction begins Wednesday 6 September 2023 Thanksgiving Break 23–26 November 2023 Last Day of Class Wednesday 13

December 2023 Examination Day Thursday December 14, 2023 Period Friday December 15 – Thursday 21, 2023 (no exams on December 17 Start) WINTER BREAK Friday December 22, 2023 – Monday January 15, 2024 The list does not include a

all religious and cultural holidays that may be requested of students, but should instead be used as a guide for understanding scheduling conflicts it could be for a major religious holiday that may be followed by several students in your class.

The establishment of the academic calendar for the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the responsibility of the faculty as described in Faculty Policies and Procedures. The construction of the academic calendar is subject to various rules and guidelines established by the Board of Regents, the Faculty Senate, and Wisconsin State law.

For dates and additional dates for students, see the Registrar’s Office pages. All Websites | Accessibility | Secret | Contact Webmaster The date for the DHH 8-week summer main session and any other sessions with the same end date are posted on this page.

For all other sessions, grades should be posted 3 days (72 hours) after the last day of class for that session.

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