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Fcps Calendar 2023-24 – The employees of the District, according to the results of the survey, did not want to shorten the winter or spring, but the families and people of the village expressed their desire to shorten the winter in one day and go to

school on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Students also reported the possibility of shortening spring break by one day. Superintendent Michelle Reed said Tuesday that it is important to consider school schedules in neighboring districts in the process of developing calendars because “we share staff. Many of our families work here, but

Fcps Calendar 2023-24

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the families from a different group or our families who work here in the other group, so people are divided, it affects the participation. The Green Option starts in August 28 and ends on June 20, ending with an eight-day school winter break. The Purple Option starts on August 21 and ends on June 13 with a break

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winter has 11 school days. That option has 177 school days. During the work, Fairfax County Public Schools also revealed calendar options for the next three school years, but it is not certain whether The school board will vote to adopt a shorter or longer term calendar at a meeting next month. Scott Gelman is a digital reporter and reporter for WTOP. A native of South Florida, Scott graduated m

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from the University of Maryland in 2019. During his time in College Park, he worked for The Diamondback, the student newspaper. Both calendars have a five-day longer school week than the 2022-23 academic calendar, responding to criticism that the shorter weeks are a hindrance to keeping students on track after the pandemic.

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