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Aerc Ride Calendar – Ann and I are committed to keeping Rides XP going for a long time. It seems that the game is slowing down and our ride is no exception. We are continuing with the rest of our 2021 riding schedule and have made plans for the 2022 season. Thirty years ago we moved to Southern Utah with the specific intention of hosting XP Rides.

As the sport declines, we may be forced to give up expensive places far from our winter home, which is now in Colorado. We don’t plan to cut corners on our Utah and Arizona rides. We are definitely working on new trips in eastern Utah and western Colorado and looking at other places for new and exciting things.

Aerc Ride Calendar

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There is a recent system for getting LD and Endurance miles (besides keeping them separate), for “only active miles”. According to a message from an AERC director, “It will, on rare occasions, allow a horse that has reached 5,000 miles (and a corresponding 5,000 mile blanket) to use up all the LD Miles it counts towards

Xp Rides And The Nicholson Family

It is recommended that, if the AERC will combine mileage, blankets or other similar awards may include words about each award as one of the following, “5000 Endurance Miles” or “5000 Combined Miles “. Receiving gifts often, a different dress doesn’t mean much. country; hot days, cold days, sun, rain, wind, thunder; laughter and tears; good friends; wind burn, sunburn,

tiredness, fatigue; enjoying the pleasures of the wild. the joy and freedom of the wild with a few wild galls thrown in for fun. (Did I mention endurance was fun?) This important moment has come right.

and all the recent comments on the AERC forum and Ridecamp on about Endurance mileage and athleticism, and what yes the real “Jimiri”, and the acceptance of gifts. associated with sports. Can I still ride resistance if AERC cancels all awards and honors?

Of course I will. In the Big Picture of the World, my shirt means no one but me and Jose. I once said that all these awards are not important – who will remember or care next year (or tomorrow), or know what it means that Jose and I finished second featherweight in the region

Clearing Up Some Misunderstandings

AERC Northwest in 2010 – but now that *I* am getting the medal, all I can say is, once I get my shirt it will be on my back, around Jose’s neck, on your face – I will never take it off!

When the Coso Shop closed, we moved the Western Mojave XP to the Valley Wells facility at Trona Golf Club for the 2022 ride. We were amazed at the difference a few months made. Being in spring instead of the dead of winter, we found the desert a warm and welcoming place.

We have taken and used three best practices from the old DVE conference. We will do it again this year. For most of our rides, we usually don’t charge up front, so it’s easier to just bring cash or a check to the ride and pay when you decide on the number of days you want to ride.

It is an old way of doing business based on trust. That said, times are different during the Covid crisis. We are dealing with such small numbers that we need to know in advance that we have enough participants to run the ride.

Entry Fees In General

We will probably have to wait until we get a hold on the disease. There has been a lively discussion about what exactly defines the game of Strength. The AERC Rules of 1974 state: “Equestrian is defined as an athletic event in which one horse and rider completes a measured course (usually 50 to 100 miles) …” Going under 50 miles (i.e.

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25 to 35 miles). they are called “LD” or “Limited Distance”. This has led to an attempt, or a realization of enthusiasm from some riders, even though we know that some days just putting your horse and riding around the fence and getting back on the horse’s forehead on a blustery day is the greatest endurance there is.

. All of our members agree that we are all a little crazy for doing what we do, no matter how far we drive. AERC Endurance News – more information On the cover: Linda L. Walberg, on Belesema Star Ebony, and Patricia Frahm, with TD Sahra Onyx, on the May 9 Owyhee River Challenge 55. Linda has an endurance of 3,215 and 1,500 miles LD (Belesema

Star Ebony: 50/150); Trish has 3,245 and 1,620 (Sahra: 1,940/360). Karen Bumgarner is the coordinator of the Idaho hike. Photo © Merri Melde EnduranceNet is pleased to support the AERC in its efforts to ensure safe and competitive endurance sports at all levels.

A Multiday Ride In The Death Valley Historical Area

There is a download on the home page of this website called XP Riders Information. Clicking on the rider XP and horse numbers under this heading will give you access to your number and horse numbers.

Horse numbers are your number plus ten, zero and your horse number. You will find that most riders do not have an AERC number for themselves or their horses. We would appreciate it if you could email us xpridersdata with these AERC numbers if you have them.

This will help us a lot in our dealings with AERC. It will also keep things consistent with the results. Both XP and AERC databases work with numbers, not names. When results are sent to AERC without a number, that horse may or may not receive credit.

The price is the same for the 50-mile and 25-mile rides, including additional administration and medication fees for this year’s event. Recreational riders join the XP Club Ride. Mail is welcome, but there is an additional $10.00.

The Annual Results Are Posted Under Results Tab

After entering online, you can pay by Paypal option to friends and family or send a check to Ann Nicholson, 19898 Road V, Lewis, Colorado 81327. The Paypal address is [email protected]. In addition to AERC approved rides, we offer XP Club Rides.

We will continue to do so in the future. We no longer offer the standard AERC Intro Rides and will direct people who want less structure to XP Club Rides. Some people prefer to continue the endurance sport in its original vein and purpose;

some people prefer to reach the big spectrum and attract new members by combining miles and adding more rewards. Some people think we have given out too many gifts yet. Some people think we don’t have enough, and the more awards, the better.

Over the years, our family has made many friends along the way. We always look forward to the new year of cycling to renew those friendships and make new ones. We hope you can join us on the road of endurance this year.

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Weed Free Hay

Come ride with us, you’ll have fun doing it. Ride information is usually sent to those who register online within a week of the event. If you do not receive a response with the information you are looking for, please call or email us.

We offer 15, 25 and 50 mile rides per day. We will use the best methods available and organize the event to maximize everyone’s enjoyment. There will be small marks, but the turns will be well marked if no one is carrying them.

A GPS is the best investment you can make to ensure your comfort and never get lost. This is a good opportunity to prepare for the future when all rides will be marked with GPS only.

I can definitely get my own shirt and put my name and Jose’s name on it. But seriously, this is not the same as the AERC sustainability team giving me this shirt with my and Jose’s name on it.

Health Certificates

In most countries (except Australia and Canada), you don’t have these options. In most of the world, endurance is not something one would call “fun”. It’s a business and your goal is to be successful. You won’t have 12 hours to run 50 miles, and you won’t have 24 hours to run 100 miles.

You can count on your toes the number of daily rides in all other countries. You don’t have horses that regularly go 10,000 miles, or 5,000 miles, or even 3,000 miles. They were lucky to go 3 years, and it was fast.

You can pay at the boarding point after you have determined how many days you will be driving. Unfortunately, we have been forced to increase the registration fee again against our will. The last step for California travel is the increase in the price of drugs from $ 8.00 to $ 14.00 by the California Department of Agriculture.

This is a mandatory fee/tax, along with skyrocketing fuel prices, gifts, consumer goods, etc. This decision led to a lot of discussion about dishonesty and bringing up the issue of gifts. A quick look at the list of AERC’s annual awards includes: • Performance and Limited Distance Awards for horse and rider;

• 17 national awards for riders, horses or both; • The number of regional awards (for each of the 9 regions) for both horses and riders – and within each, for each of the 4 major weight categories and the smallest category.

Health certificates are required for horses coming to California from other states. They are not required for horses coming out of state. Health document requirements vary depending on the situation in both California and other states.

Your local veterinarian can advise you on current needs. The address of the venue is Trona Golf and Social Club, Valley Wells Road, Trona, CA 93562. Carolyn completed the year-end schedule for 2022 and they can be found on the same pages below the downloaded results.

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When you hover over the home page, three pages will open on the right where you can see the total for each rider. The next page is an overview of the different riders and horses that were ridden to earn these miles.

The next page is a list of all the XP horses with their annual mileage. The last page is a list of riders and one horse. Send your check to Ann Nicholson at 19898 Road V, Lewis, CO 81327 or you can use Paypal and send to [email protected].

When paying, let us know by return email that you are coming and the dates you plan to drive. People can come in at the last minute and that’s fine, but if there aren’t enough riders, the ride has to be canceled.

But to be brief, Jose and I finished second in points (I don’t even know what points are! And I don’t care!) in our weight class (out of 4 weight classes) in our Northwest division (out of 642 members), of 9 US departments and 5328 total AERC members, out of 312,631,171 people in the US of A. Not much of a problem when you look at it.

The U.S. government, including the BLM, Forest Service, and National Forest Service, requires a professional weed-free feed to be fed to all horses and livestock 72 hours before entering public land and while they are on public land.

This is a requirement for anyone who brings animals onto public land. Processed food often fills the need because the heat involved in processing it prevents weed growth. Most Tractors and many farm stores carry weedless hay bales.

Now there is an option to get what is called EECVI. You can google it. This is a new program that allows veterinarians to issue a CVI (health certificate) for six months and allows you to travel to multiple states and locations.

It’s worth checking out. XP management differentiates between endurance riding and endurance racing. If you like endurance riding you will definitely love this ride. If you are a serious competitor and looking to race, you will surely find the disorganization here disgusting.

In the old days, we rode more and complained less. Those times were better. XP rides are reminiscent of the good old days, when management and riders had more fun. We will have horse water as usual.

We send GPS tracks a few days before the trip. When you arrive, come to the self-service desk, take an entry ticket to put in the entry box, and sign the release form.

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