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Ahoi Ashtami Calendar – Ahoy Ashtami fast day falls about eight days before Diwali Puja and four days after Karva Chaut. Like Karva Chaut, Ahoy Ashtami is more popular in Northern India. This day is also known as Ahoi Aathe because the fast in honor of Ahoi Ashtami is held during Ashtami Tithi which is the eighth day of the month.

On the day of Ahoy Ashtami, women who have children observe a daily fast to pray for their well-being. And couples who want to conceive a child call this day Krishnashtami. They take bath in Radha-kunda in Mathura at the time of sunrise (Arunodaya), pray to the Kushmanda form of Maa Durga, and observe a daily fast.

Ahoi Ashtami Calendar

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In the evening, women make rangoli Maa Ahoi near the main entrance to their house. In addition, they paint images of the Goddess on the wall, which are used for Ashthi Koshtak. After that, they perform Ghatastapana vidhi in front of a painted wall.

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Notes. All times are in 12 hour local time in New Delhi, India, adjusted for Daylight Savings Time (if applicable). Hours after midnight are appended with the date of the next day. In Panchang, the day begins and ends with sunrise.

Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated on the Ashtami Tithi which is the eighth day of Krishna Paksha (dark half moon) of the month of Kartik in the Hindu calendar. In states such as Gujarat and Maharashtra, where the Amant calendar is observed, this holiday falls on the month of Ashvin.

Ahoi Ashtami Significance A Look Into It

According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls between mid-October and November. Since it is celebrated on the “Ashtami Tithi” or on the eighth day, this festival is called “Ahoy Ashtami”. This festival, also known as “Ahoi Aathe”, is popular in North India and is celebrated with great pomp.

Traditionally, in Ahoy Ashtami, mothers fasted from dawn to dusk for the well-being of their sons. However, in modern India, fasting is observed for the well-being of all children, that is, both sons and daughters. The fast is broken at dusk after observing the stars in the sky.

Some women break their fast when they see the moon, but this can be difficult to follow as the moon rises late at night in Ahoy Ashtami. A small clay pot, preferably a karva, is held on top of the kalash.

The karva is filled with water and closed with a lid. The karva nozzle is clogged with grass shoots. A commonly used shoot is known as Sarai Senka (सरई सींक), which is a type of willow.

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The seven shoots of grass are also offered to Ahoi Mate and Sei during Puja. Pictures of Sarai are sold during the festival, especially in small towns in India. If there are no grass sprouts, cotton swabs can be used.

Women, start your day with a sankalpa (vow) that they will observe the vrat sincerely and with the utmost devotion. They then begin their Nirjala Vrat (fast without water). The rituals then begin with a puja.

Women draw an ashtakoshtak (octahedral) image of Ahoy Mata and a lion cub with heru (orange earth) on the wall, or use a calendar with her image to perform puja. They put a kalash filled with water and cover it with a lid.

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And then they hold a karva, an earthenware jug filled with water, on top of the kalash. अहोई अष्टमी का व्रत वर्ष 17 अक्टूबर, 2022 को 09 बजकर 28 इस प प इन दिन सास के चरणों तीर्थ मानका वहीं कुछ जगह सास को भी दिया जाता। है है। है। है है है है है है है है है है है है

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Katha Pdf |

पुराने समय में एक शहर में साहूकार के के लडकेरथ लडकेरथ की पत्नी दिवाली पा जैसे ही मिट्टी खोदने लिए उसने कुदाल चलाई की मांद में जा लगी जिससे कि का बच्चा गया। गया गया गया गया गया

. इसके कुछ दिन बाद ही उसके एक बेटे की मौत हो गई। Close एक दिन साहूका opportunities Ahoy Ashtami Fasting Day falls about eight days before Diwali Puja and four days after Karva Chaut. Like Karva Chaut, Ahoy Ashtami is more popular in Northern India.

This day is also known as Ahoi Aathe because the fast in honor of Ahoi Ashtami is held during Ashtami Tithi which is the eighth day of the month. As mentioned above, the Ahoy Ashtami Vrat (fast) is similar to the fast observed for Karva Chaut;

the only difference is that Ahoy Ashtami is observed for children and Karva Chauth for husbands. Ahoy Ashtami vrat is celebrated every year on the day of Ashtami Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. This festival is more famous in Punjab, Haryana and the northern part of the country.

Ahoi Ashtami Rituals You Should Know About

In which all mothers fast for the long and happy life of their child. Lord Ganesha and mother Kartikey Parvati are worshiped on this day. It is said that those who fast on this day Their children receive fame, fame, happiness and prosperity in a long life.

This day is also considered very important for childless couples. Women who have difficulty in conceiving a child or who have had a miscarriage should religiously perform Ahoy Mata Vrat in order to give birth to a boy.

For this reason, this day is also known as Krishnashtami. The holy place of Mathura is filled with couples and devotees to take a holy bath in “Radha-kunda”. Hearing this, the usurer’s daughter begged her daughters-in-law one by one to take the curse in her place.

The younger daughter-in-law agreed to do this instead of the pawnbroker’s daughter. Because of this curse, whenever she gave birth to a child, that child would die within seven days. When seven sons died in this way, she called Pandit (Jyotishi) and asked him to help.

Hoi Ashtami Vrat Vidhi

He advised her wholeheartedly to serve the cow Surkhi. India is known all over the world for its unique culture and traditions. In this fast, the mother fasts from morning to evening and breaks her fast when she sees the stars in the sky.

Sometimes on this day the moon sets late, but some women break their gates when they see the moon at night. Ahoy Ashtami is an Indian festival dedicated to the goddess Ahoy, commonly known as Ahoy Mata.

It is mainly celebrated in North India and falls on “ashtami” or the eighth day of the month of Kartika during the dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha). This religious festival occurs four days after Karva Chaut and eight days before Deepavali.

However, where the Amant calendar is observed, such as in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, this holiday falls on the month of Ashvin. Ahoy Mata devotees observe a one-day vrat to pray for the well-being of their children on Ashtami Tithi, Krishna Paksha of Kartik month.

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Ahoi Ashtami Calendar |

Some of the rituals practiced on this auspicious day are similar to the Karva Chaut rituals observed for the welfare of the husband in the Chaturthi Tithi of the same month. Read on to find out more about Ahoi Ashtami, date and other details.

This is a monthly list of most Hindu holidays in 2023. Most Hindu holidays are determined by the position of the Sun and Moon. Please visit the Hindu festivals according to the lunar month to see which lunar month festivals are observed.

Hindu festivals are location dependent and may differ between two cities and the difference is quite noticeable for cities in different time zones. Therefore, you need to set the location before looking at the list of festivals.

Ahoy Ashtami is a special day when women offer sincere prayers, following the rituals of fasting. They start their day with an Ahoy Mata Puja. Women avoid eating throughout the day in order to fast. Later, they complete their night fast after performing Ahoy Ashtami Puja.

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Katha

At this time, some women also fast to receive a blessing for the birth of a boy. Once they reach Xiahu Mata is incredibly pleased with how the younger sister-in-law took care of everyone. So she gives her blessing that she will have seven sons and seven daughters-in-law.

Thanks to the blessing, the daughter-in-law has a large family, and her house is full of sons and daughters-in-law. अहोई अष्टमी कैलेंडर | Ahoi Ashtami Calendar 2022 PDF अगर आप अहोई अष्टमी कैलेंडर | Ahoi ashtami Calendar 2022 हिन्दी डाउनलोड करना चाहते हैं आप बिल बिल्कुल जगह हैं ।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।

हैं हैं हैं हैं हैं हैं लेख में हम आपको रहे हैं अहोई अष्टमी | Ahoi Ashtami Calendar 2022 के ब ब000 Ahoi Ashtami 2023: अहोई अष्टमी 2023 is traditionally a holiday where mothers fast for the happiness of their children.

This year, the date of Ahoy Ashtami Gate 2023 is November 05, Sunday. Puja Ahoy Mata falls 7 days before Puja Diwali 2023. Women perform the puja of Ahoy Mata, Lord Shiva and Parvati are also worshiped on this fast.

Ahoi Ashtami Puja Method

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2022 is copyrighted material and we will not make it available in PDF or any source for download at any cost. Ahoy Ashtami is an auspicious holiday celebrated in India with zeal and fervor. This special festival is celebrated approximately eight days before Diwali and four days after Karva Chaut.

Mothers observe the auspicious Ahoy Ashtami for the long life and well-being of their children. Let’s find out more about this festival. Moreover, the lady confessed to her neighbor that she never had the intention of killing the animal.

The elderly woman then asked her to worship Maa Ahoy to get rid of these past sins. She agreed and began to worship Maa Ahoy while fasting. Disclaimer: While we endeavor to provide correct or correct information on our site, we are not responsible for errors, omissions or representations on any of our pages.

What Is Hoi Ashtami?

External sites that are linked on our site are not responsible for any content provided by them. The information provided on our website is for educational purposes only. An ancient legend is based on a moneylender who had seven children.

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Katha (Story) | Source: files.instapdf.in

During Diwali, his wife went to collect dirt outside and unintentionally slaughtered a hedgehog (animal). Some time later, all seven of the couple’s children were found dead. After that, the
place of worship is consecrated with holy water and Alpana is painted.

Having scattered wheat on the floor or on a wooden stool, one Kalash filled with water should be kept in a place of worship. The neck of the Kalash should be closed with a clay lid.

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Hoi Ashtami Vrat Vidhi

Temple of Lord Hanuman Temples of Lord Shiva Temples of Goddess Durga Temples of Lord Murugan Ahoy Ashtami is very similar to Karva Chaut. This is a strict day of unloading. Women observing this fast even refrain from drinking water during the day.

They can break their fast only after they see the stars in the evening and bow to them. Some break their fast at moonrise. Moonwatching on this day usually happens very late at night, so the fast is broken after stargazing.

During Sayankal, i.e. before sunset, preparations for Puja should be made. Women should paint an image of the goddess Ahoy on the wall. Any image of Ahoy Mata used for Puja must have Ashtha Koshtaq (अष्ठ कोष्ठक) i.e. eight corners as the festival is associated with Ashtami Tithi.

Along with the Goddess Ahoya, the images of Sei (सेई) (i.e. the hedgehog and his children) should also be brought closer to the Goddess. Sei is a spiny mammal from the legend of Ahoi Ashtami. If drawing an image on the wall is not possible, you can also use large wallpaper Ahoy Ashtami Puja.

Significance Of Celebrating Ahoi Ashtami

Most Puja calendars also depict the seven sons and daughters-in-law of the Ahoy Ashtami legend. Ahoy Ashtami is widely celebrated throughout India, as is Karva Chaut. The main difference here is that women fast for the welfare of their daughter or sons.

It is mainly celebrated in the western parts of India such as Gujarat or Maharashtra. According to the Hindu calendar, this auspicious day falls on the eighth day of the month of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik.

This means that Ahoy Ashtami usually arrives in October or November. On this day, mothers pray for the success and development of their children. Let’s see what rituals are performed on Ahoy Ashtami. Ahoy Ashtami Gate is similar to Karva Chaut Gate;

the only difference is that Karwa Chaut is made for husbands and Ahoy Mata Wrat is made for children. On this day, women or mothers wake up before sunrise. After taking a bath, women undertake, that is, “sankalp”, religiously observe and complete the fast, intended for a long and happy life for their children.

Significance Of Ahoi Ashtami Vrat

According to the Sankalpa, mothers must perform vrat without food or water, and it can only be interrupted by seeing the stars or the moon.

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