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Stranger Things Png – You will also see how the letter “A” combines with the letters “R” and “N”. The “N” and “G” in both words are closer than they should be. Perhaps the writers of the title sequence felt the need to condense the text a bit, which caused the letter “G” to be cut off a bit to the left.

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Stranger Things Png

The middle serif in the letter “G” and the upper serif in the last letter “S” have also been changed slightly – they look more solid in the logo. The same can be said about the middle and lower serifs of the letter “E”. Rp 27,429 Original price Rp 27,429 (25% discount) Rp 41,536 Original price Rp 41,536 (50% discount) Discount price Rp 376,019 Rp 376,019 Captcha was not loaded.

Try using a different browser or turning off your ad blocker. Rp 217,712 Original price Rp 217,712 (50% discount) Discount price Rp 37,775 Rp 37,775 In total, about 20 design options have been created to choose the most unique and harmonious one. However, it underwent a series of cosmetic changes until the final result that we can see today was presented.

Sale price Rp 108,777 Rp 108,777 We will shortly send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password. This survey will expire in 24 hours. Be sure to check your spam folder. Please don’t forget to link to the Stranger Things Logo PNG page for attribution!

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The Inspiration Behind The Symbol

The Stranger Things logo, used by the project since its launch in 2016, is based on a clean and elegant two-tier typeface in the custom font Benguiat, with three additional horizontal lines placed above the top tier. on the chest and from it on the sides.

The project’s official badge is usually set in red on a white or black background and is sometimes stylized as a pickled red flag. Sale price Rp 108,777 Rp 108,777 Stranger Things is the name of a Netflix television show that aired in 2016 and has four seasons and 32 episodes to date.

The show tells the story of a fictional American town where several supernatural events take place. Is the Stranger Things logo copyrighted? The Stranger Things logo is based on letters designed in a commercial font available online, so the logo does not meet the threshold of originality required for copyright protection and can be used freely.

Stranger Things itself is a trademark owned by Netflix. Please enter the email address you provided during registration and we will send you instructions on how to reset your password. Rp 358,150 Original price Rp 358,150 (30% discount) Sale price Rp 23,197 Rp 23,197 Rp 470,063 Original price Rp 470,063 (20% discount) Rp 46,552 Original price Rp 46,552

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Meaning And History

The bright and powerful logo of the TV show Stranger Things is a classic red color on a white background. Red is the color of passion and power, representing dynamism and danger, movement and progress. Sale price Rp 38,558 Rp 38,558 Sale price Rp 24,138 Rp 24,138 Rp 217,712 Original price Rp 217,712 (50% discount) Sale price Rp 244,357 Rp 244,357 Unable to contact server to continue request.

Please reload the page and try again. The new mark for the fourth part of the Netflix project was created in 2021. The letter, in the familiar contoured serif fit, has acquired a transparent gray shade and is now placed on a background with an enlarged number “4” that repeats the color palette.

From the previous logo, it consisted of “3”, but its lines were drawn more elegantly, with sharp curves and angles. Showcasing the wildly popular series were brothers Ross and Matt Duffer, who previously had one movie, The Lurkers, and also wrote several episodes of The Pines.

Thus, the movie “Stranger Things” can be called a hit ticket for the directors.

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