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Demon Slayer Png

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What is a demon slayer? Demon Slayer is a Japanese manga and anime series that first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2016, and had a television adaptation in 2019. To date, 23 manga volumes and 44 anime episodes have been released. Under license.

This kind of success is probably explainable, but it’s a really good mix of worlds in the franchise. In Kimetsu No Yaba (original title of the manga), traditional Japanese flavors are closely intertwined with modern world culture. Local monsters are actually ordinary vampires, with only one main difference – each monster has its own special abilities, such as telekinesis or shadow jumping.

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Demon Slayer Gotog’s first achievement. He previously managed to get into the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine with three solo projects, but all attempts failed. Editor Tatsuhiko Katayama advised him to return to his first novel, the folk action thriller Ka Gari Gari, and make it more mainstream.

Demons, swords and folklore already existed, but they lacked humor and likable characters. As it turns out, that’s actually what separates Gotoga from guaranteed hits. That’s why in Demon Slayer everything is in its place. Selling price Rp 266,301 In order to enable customized advertising (such as interest-based advertising), we may share your information with our marketing and advertising partners using cookies and other technologies.

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We cannot reach the server to process your request. Please reload the page and try again. Sale price Rp 69,279 Rp 69,279 Rp 134,326 Original price Rp 134,326 (40% discount) Sale price Rp 109,561 Rp 109,561 The demon slayer logo is a fantastic design font consisting of bold and irregular letters, written in black, black and red.

Wrapped in a circle, opening on the left side. The ring of the frame is not drawn even with edges, so it resembles a tongue of flame or a dragon’s tail. Sale price Rp 92,634 Sale price Rp 264,890 Rp 264,890 Rp 178,840 Original price Rp 178,840 (30% discount) Regarding the Demon Slayer color plate: the visual identity of Kimetsu Yak Yaba is based on the strongest combination of black, red and white.

The red colors here not only create a dramatic effect, but also celebrate the franchise’s Japanese roots, recalling the country’s national flag. As for black – it makes everything timeless and powerful, exudes confidence and excellence, while the background is perfect for contrast and clean content.

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