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Comp Card Template – Sale price Rp 130,414 Rp 130,414 Sale price Rp 130,414 Rp 130,414 Sale price Rp 70,117 Rp 70,117 If you are wondering if you need a PC card, the answer is different. If you already have an agent and the topic hasn’t come up, don’t worry.

Chances are your agent will already promote your photo, portfolio, etc. Selling Price Rp 130,414 Contact us at 855-898-9870 or through our live chat and let us know how we can help you. The type of photos on your comp card should reflect the type of work you do, be it fashion, advertising/press, swimwear, part modeling, etc.

Comp Card Template

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Since you only have a small number of photos to put on your comp card, include only your best photos. While maintaining a consistent photo theme, you also need to show off your versatility. With so much competition in the modeling industry, you have to do everything you can to stand out.

How To Make A Modeling Portfolio

But we don’t need to say that. We need to tell you how to make sure your comp card printing stands out from the crowd. Large pattern cards have a full image on one side and two or three additional frames on the back.

These photos should show your range as a model in different poses, backgrounds and outfits. A card from modeling companies should also list your height and weight, as well as your bust and shoe size for casting directors.

Sale price Rp 70,117 Rp 70,117 We stand behind our products and services. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, please let us know and we will work with you to make it right.

Sale price Rp 73,567 Rp 73,567 Need help with layout? Choose one of the layout templates below. Even if you’re a graphic design professional, it’s helpful to use these layout templates to check your dimensions and make sure your computer cards print correctly on our presses.

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Grab The Spotlight With Comp Cards

Just download the appropriate file from the list below. It’s time to part! Do you have great photos that catch the eye? Need to create a Model Comp card in seconds? Make that photo composite in seconds with the best editable templates – easy to use and easy to achieve an eye-catching professional finish!

High-quality comp cards show your image at its best. After all, when you put your comp card on top of other actresses or models, yours should stand out. We put together the best paper, ink and coating to make it happen.

Computer cards are mostly used as handouts, but you can make your own postcard by selecting “Direct Mail Services” at checkout. Upload your mailing list and we will contact you and send you printed comp cards.

Comp cards are a great way to showcase your entire look at once. From serious to silly, you can stand out with a professionally printed comp card. We offer both single sided 8×10 comp cards and 5.5×8.5 ​​double sided comp cards.

Customize A Comp Card For Models With Your Own Photos

Choose from many customizable templates. We also have pre-approved agency templates. Setting up your PC card takes just a few minutes with our easy-to-use online designer. In addition to the wallet, many models also include comp cards, also known as zed cards.

They act as your business or business card and are widely used in all areas of the modeling industry, especially high fashion models. There is no specified format that you should create for your comp card.

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Some are single-sided, others have photos and information on both sides. You can follow a template like the comp card image linked to this post, or you can have one main image on the front and the rest on the back.

The possibilities are endless, so play around with different layouts until you find one you’re happy with. When you choose Headshots2Go, your computer card printing is always in good hands. With over 15 years in the PC card printing business, you can be sure we understand the demands of the entertainment industry.

Comp Card Direct Mail Services

When you work with Headshots2Go, we will print your payment cards and send them to you within 2 business days. Our 8×10 single sided comp cards can be shipped same day. If you order before 10:00.

CST on a business day and you choose same-day delivery, your refund cards will be ready the same business day. Selling price Rp 66,101 Rp 66,101 *Print-ready file refers to a file that meets the requirements of the items you ordered and is ready to print as is.

Display an interesting collection of photos in your model composition. Easily promote your style to make it easier for brands and agents to hire you for TV commercials. Simply add your photos to editable Model Comp Card templates created for you by’s top designers.

And if you’re putting on a fashion show… check out our editable fashion show templates! Sale price Rp 74,200 Rp 74,200 Whether you work in a photo studio, modeling agency or as an individual, you can create impressive designs with our templates for models and actors.

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Download Your Custom Acting Comp Card Templates In Minutes

They are very easy to use. You can create them from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Our online Model Comp Card editor is intuitive and very easy to use. You can change the color or try different types of fonts with one click.

Selling price Rp 76,551 Comp cards are becoming increasingly popular among actors as well. These compact marketing tools can be different. Flashcards aren’t just about headshots, you can show casting directors different aspects of your personality and acting skills on one page.

Keep collections for yourself or inspire other buyers! Remember that public collections can be viewed by anyone – they can also appear in recommendations and other places. See Etsy’s Privacy Policy Full color and full print are standard print options here at PrintPlace.

So your comp cards will impress any agent or casting director. Comp cards can be used for fashion, entertainment or any acting or modeling gig you want to enter. Although people use digital files and printing software at home, you can create and print your own comp cards at home.

On-Time Guarantee

FedEx Office and places like OfficeMax have all the supplies you need. Of course, you should choose this option only if you really own a computer or know someone who does. Most printing places have special discounts, so there are several ways to fit your comp card into your budget.

Depending on the look you choose, a glossy or matte finish will make your comp card stand out. Our high gloss UV coating will give your photo a high gloss and rich look. Our uncoated paper will give your cards a matte finish.

You really need photos to help you stand out from the competition. You should also show your good taste and professionalism by presenting your photos on cards or cool design cards. This will make it easier to get work as a model for shoots, events or TV shows.

Selling price Rp 130,414 Rp 130,414 Selling price Rp 130,414 Rp 130,414

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