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Discord Rule Template – These guidelines explain what is not allowed on Discord. Everyone on Discord must abide by these rules, which apply to all aspects of our platform, including your content, behavior, servers, and applications. To learn more about the requirements for developing bots or other applications, see our Discord Developer Policy and Discord Developer Policy.

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Discord Rule Template

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All information is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. These guidelines will continue to evolve over time. This means that when we encounter a new or serious threat that is not addressed in the current version, we may take action against a user, server or content that violates the spirit of these guidelines.

Discord Server Rules Template

However, there is a set of rules for joining a discussion, using the server, and communicating through the app. A family of games must have rules, so these rules are set. If you want to submit an odds application to gaming sites, you need to know the rules.

Clear the rules for users and follow the instructions to use the disputed services without interruption. In this article, we provide a list of standard rules that you can quickly copy and write. We’ll also show you how to set up a legal channel and agree to the rules before people send messages.

Don’t worry about where and how to find legal templates. We have collected all examples of conflicting rules, conflicting channel rules, and conflicting server rules. In addition, we have provided information on what and how to use it.

We have also listed some ideas to help you formulate other laws that apply to the country where you offer gambling. You must manage the server when you create an account. Now, it’s up to you to set up your own server or request from an existing server.

Consequences Of Rule Breakage

Don’t be technical, because you’re not, but choose a server name. Find open servers to search and use Google. I can point to the official PUBG server as a classic example. Although I think rules are made to make people feel good.

But that doesn’t mean taking away the fun. So, some funny rules should also be inspired so that users can enjoy the content. But, funny rules are rules, and there’s no room for breaking them. There must be an age limit to join a gaming channel, and in most cases you are over 18.

You should know users, not metagame or godmodd. User must follow their terms or moderator will report them. Harassment and harassment in and out of character are not tolerated. The main channel must be empty of NFSW content.

The model dispute rules include the following rules. These are displayed in text, which you can insert into the game site and allow users to sign contracts. It ensures ethical communication between users using the conflicting app.

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Voice Rules

General Rules – No Plagiarism, Modding, Homework, Hacking, Sexism, Hate Speech, Racism, Flirting, Religious Talk, Spam, Political Discussion, Sexual Discussion, Flamethrowing, Trolling, Cap Locks, External Emojis, Links, Memes, Pictures, gifs, ads, channel hijacking, unauthorized use of content.

Are you setting up a Discord server and adding rules? There are channels that are essential when building a public server, so we’ve listed some ideas here. You can choose to automatically create “legal” and “mod channels” for Discord, or you can create your own and force your server members to agree to the rules before they can communicate with your server.

This wikiHow will walk you through the process of creating a “legal” channel, make sure people read and agree to your rules before posting, and give you some ideas about Discord’s rules. If you have any questions about what you are not allowed to post, please contact staff before your visit.

If you’re not sure if something is against server rules, wait for a moderator to tell you it’s okay. If you don’t know, err on the side of caution and avoid installing. This article was written by wikiHow staff writer Darlene Antonelli.

Rules For Admins On Discord

Darlene Antonelli is a technical writer and editor for wikiHow. Darlene has experience teaching college courses, writing technology-related articles, and working in the technology industry. He earned a master’s degree in literature from Rowan University and wrote a dissertation in 2012 on online communities and the people who work in those communities.

This article has been viewed 13,896 times. Learn more… Check out the main list for character prompts and tips that really need to be said. Everyone should respect others. Ask the characters to read the script.

Ask the main character to send the first message and start the drama. The Discord app allows players to communicate with other players around the world, mostly in a gaming environment. Users can instantly access the group chat from their system to communicate with other players and access game rules, winning strategies and other game information.

6.3.1. The server uses bots for moderation (in particular, MEE6 and Carl-bot) and sends a message to the person concerned if too many emoticons, repeated letters or too many decorations are used. A report is sent that can be reviewed by administrators. 6.3.2.

General Rules

Our bots record changes or deletions of messages, so no one can avoid editing bad content. 6.3.3. More specific violations may include removal of messages, warnings, or total ban from the server. 6.3.4. Each action shall be subject to the final and binding decision of the directors and officers.

We’ll do our best to let you know when we update these guidelines, but it’s up to you to follow their spirit: keeping Discord safe and a place for everyone. Thank you for your contribution. Below, you’ll find a list of standard rules that you can copy to your Discord server.

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These general rules cover most situations and can be applied to almost every server. 6.2.1. No annoying noises, loud noises or loud noises. 6.2.2. Reduce background noise if possible. 6.2.3. Moderators reserve the right to remove you from the voice channel if your vote is offensive. 6.2.4.

Moderators reserve the right to disconnect, mute, unmute, or move members to a voice channel. This makes it easier for them to check the rules regularly. To make it easy to find, you need to set a legal channel above all channels on your Discord server and prevent other people from spreading to this channel.

When creating rules, you should check the categories above and group the rules. Remember to set clear rules for users to understand. Don’t talk and don’t confuse users. Find some basic legal advice below. Discord is a third-party application that allows game developers to create games and allow players to communicate with each other.

So rules and some similar guidelines should be made to prevent users from talking about bad and bad news. The latter is important because if someone complains about being blocked or muted, it will “out” you.

Sometimes, moderators have to use their best judgment and deal with a server member even if they can’t point out a specific rule that has been broken. By including a “hold-bar” list like this, you give moderators and managers control over subpoenas if the situation arises.

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If you want to connect with James, follow him on your favorite social networks! If you see behavior that violates these guidelines, the Terms of Service, or any other policy, please report it to us in the Discord mobile app or by filling out this form.

However, please be aware that we are very concerned and will work hard to prevent vigilantism, as this behavior is disruptive and can interfere with our investigations and reporting capabilities. The police. Communication skills – It is important to respect the other person and ensure that communication is not interrupted.

Do not insult others in private or group chats. Don’t lie or talk about things you don’t know. Never mislead people with false names and information. With the server you can chat with other players for your players.

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But be careful when specifying a private server and use the following guidelines to create an appropriate server rule template. Our Privacy and Security team reviews reports from users, moderators or trusted journalists. When people violate these guidelines, we may take certain actions against them, including issuing warnings, removing content, and suspending or deleting accounts and/or responsible servers.

And possibly reporting to law enforcement. We may consider out-of-status behavior when we evaluate it as a violation of specific community rules. Not only the users but also the administrators have to follow certain rules for the proper functioning of the discussion.

It should be easy to use and the rules can be followed by users. Find some legal examples for managers. Administrators should know their limits and should not have excessive powers that affect users’ right to participate in disputes.

6.1.1. No Spacing – includes, but is not limited to, strong/excessive sounds in language, @ spacing, character spacing, image logos, and captions. 6.1.2. No inappropriate content – this may include pornographic, sexual or threatening content, explicit links, pornography, nudity or disease.

Photos, credits and copyrights must be in accordance with this policy. 6.1.3. No Harassment – including reporting or encouraging self-harm. 6.1.4. A simple oath is permitted unless another member objects. 6.1.5. Administrators and moderators have the right to delete and edit posts. 6.1.6.

Mass quoting (@all and/or @here) is strictly prohibited. Corresponding messages will be deleted and the message may be removed from the server. We built Discord to be a platform that brings people together over shared experiences and is accessible to everyone.

Our community guidelines ensure that everyone can express themselves and find community, but not at the expense of others. Administrators reserve the right to kick, ban, or mute any server member at their discretion, regardless of violation of the rules in this section.

If you believe that a moderator has treated you unfairly, please contact an administrator. This communication takes place on servers and separates two channels, text and voice. You can find the server list on the left side of the conflict app.

This app is accessible on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows operating system.

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