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Japan Holidays 2023 – 2) If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday becomes a substitute holiday. These replacement weekends tend to be busy, so check the table above for dates to avoid the crowds. The date of Obon is not clearly defined and will vary by region.

Many people will be on vacation around August 15, and that includes weekends, so be sure to double-check your travel dates with a calendar. This holiday is held every year on February 11 to celebrate the founding of Japan.

Japan Holidays 2023

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On this day, the Meiji Shrine, located on the right side of Harajuku Station, holds a parade to celebrate. Parade watchers will gather along the parade route, so this area is expected to be crowded. This is one of the holidays that make up Golden Week.

National Foundation Day – February

As a result, various events are held across the country on this date. All kinds of sightseeing areas and public transportation systems such as the shinkansen (bullet train) and highways will be extremely busy right now.

Due to Japan’s location in the northern hemisphere, the days get longer as summer approaches, while the nights get longer as winter approaches. The vernal equinox marks the change between the seasons, when there are approximately equal lengths of sunlight and darkness.

The exact date is uncertain because it is affected by the movements of the sun and earth, causing the dates to vary slightly each year. Although it is not an official holiday, we are introducing this holiday because it celebrates the Tokyo area where many international travelers visit.

On this day, many establishments in the city will have free entry, which means you can expect it to be crowded. A unique event is the cultural festival held every year on this day at Fuchu Prison in Tokyo.

Vernal Equinox Day – Around March

It might seem a bit scary to go to a festival in a prison, but the event is very safe and is also attended by local people. At the festival, you can eat meals prepared in the prison and buy products made by the inmates.

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This holiday originates from a celebration of Boy’s Day, one of the five seasonal festivals that mark the changing of the seasons. From the 12th century onwards, it became a seasonal festival to celebrate the growing up of children in general.

Although it is not an official holiday, many Japanese people take this time to visit their hometowns. Similar to Golden Week or the New Year holidays, public transport and motorways will be extremely congested during this period.

One of the unique holidays of the Japanese people is called coming of age. On this day, young men and women in their 20s are considered adults. Other exciting holidays in Japan include Showa Day, Spring Equinox Day, Green Day and many more.

Autumn Equinox Day – Around September

The autumnal equinox is the opposite of the vernal equinox, and similarly, Japanese people will visit their family graves during this time. Many holidays overlap in September, resulting in the name “Silver Week”, similar to corn’s golden week.

The holiday was created to give people an opportunity to become familiar with the mountains and appreciate their important role in Japan and the ecosystem here. In 2016, events were held in Kamikochi, Nagano and Mount Takao in Tokyo.

However, some events are no longer held or new events are still irregular as the holiday is still very new. Culture Day is organized every year on November 3 to promote culture with respect for freedom and peace.

Art festivals sponsored by the Swedish Cultural Agency take place around this time. There will be free entry to some museums and galleries, and special events will also be held. We hope this article will help you decide on your next trip to Japan, although these holidays tend to be very crowded, Japan as a country is very organized and you can enjoy places even if many people visit them.

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Culture Day – November

Just as the name describes, ocean-centric events take place all over the country. In particular, Maritime Self Defense Force bases all over Japan (Yokosuka, Sasebo, Kure, Maizuru, Ominato and other locations) will be open to the public on this day (does not include all bases, nor does it happen every year).

This holiday was created to “cultivate a richness of spirit familiar with and grateful for nature’s blessings” and is one of the holidays that make up Golden Week such as Constitution Memorial Day or Children’s Day.

Since the purpose of the holiday is to appreciate nature, some zoos and city gardens will be open to the public for free. Showa is the name of an era in Japan. Showa Day was established as a day to reflect on that time period.

On this day, Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo opens free to the public. Keep this in mind as the park will be full. Japan does not celebrate the Lunar New Year, but celebrates the new year on January 1st with grand festivities.

Greenery Day – May

Private businesses in shopping districts and other such areas will often close their stores from around January 1st to 3rd, so please keep this in mind. Famous shrines and temples will also have lines stretching their entrances to the main shrine for several hours due to visitors for hatsumode or for the first visit of the year.

Japan has sixteen national holidays in a year. Learn about Japan’s public holidays and their significance so you can avoid crowded places during your trip, as well as take advantage of days with free entry to museums and other free events.

These holidays are held every year at the same time, on February 3rd and 11th respectively to celebrate Japan’s first traditional Japanese New Year and then the founding of the country. The Meiji Shrine and other shrines hold parades and many activities in their honor these days where many spectators gather, meaning the shrines and surrounding areas are expected to be congested.

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Reservations for public transport are difficult to make due to the influx of people returning home for the New Year. Shopping areas and malls are also filled with lots of people cleaning and preparing for the new year.

Japans Public Holidays Tips To Avoid The Crowds

Japan has sixteen public holidays each year. Some holidays are combined with weekends, creating back-to-back holidays. On these days, most sightseeing and central malls will be crowded. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the sights in comfort, we suggest you avoid this holiday.

Are you planning to visit Japan in 2023? It is necessary to check the holiday calendar in this way, you can choose your moments, if you want to spend your time in Japan during a certain festival or if you prefer to choose a time when everything works in the usual way and the streets are less crowded.

National holidays in Japan are determined by a 1948 law that provides guidelines for public holidays. Japan has 16 national holidays each year. A holiday that falls on a Sunday means that the following day, which is a Monday, will also be a holiday.

Government services are not offered during holidays and schools and most businesses are closed. Golden Week includes the period April 29 to May 5. Sightseeing areas in Japan are expected to be crowded during this time, so be especially careful if you plan to travel to Japan during Golden Week.

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On this day, an official ceremony is held in every municipality in Japan. In Urayasu, Chiba, where Tokyo Disneyland is located, the coming-of-age ceremony takes place inside the park. Please keep this in mind as the park will be even more crowded than usual.

The New Year celebration is the biggest holiday celebrated in Japan. On New Year’s Eve, Japanese citizens celebrate with many events until New Year’s morning. The day begins with the display of the first sunrise of the new year, which is traditionally believed to be representative of the year that has just begun.

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It is also important to be aware that – as in any other country – some museums, galleries and other facilities may be closed on public holidays. And, most importantly, if you don’t prepare in advance, the Shinkansen, flights and hotels can sell out early for those sky-high-priced occasions.

Although not related to sightseeing, the Japanese have a custom of visiting their ancestors’ graves and eating a type of wagashi called botamochi (a rice cake covered in red beans) during this holiday. Botamochi is sold in supermarkets and shopping areas.

Public Holidays Japan Service

The holiday is celebrated on the day of the opening ceremonies of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics (10 October) and was originally celebrated on the same day. In 2020, the holiday was renamed from “Health and Sports Day” to “Sports Day”.

National Foundation Day is celebrated to commemorate the day Japan became a nation. Cultural events and military performances mark the holiday. Constitution Memorial Day is the day celebrated in commemoration of the day Japan’s constitution became law enforcement.

The Japanese practice two major religions. They are Buddhism and Shintoism. Shintoism is based on Japanese culture, while Buddhism is a foreign religion even though it is practiced by a large number of people. Religious holidays are mainly based on these two religions.

Buddhists celebrate Vesak, which is the most important holiday of the year. The celebration is observed to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. 1. New Year’s Day January 1 2. Aging Day Second Monday January 3. National Foundation Day February 11 4. Emperor’s Birthday February 23 5. Spring Equinox around March 20 21 6. Showa Day April 29 7. Constitution Memorial Day May 3 8. Green Day May 4 9. Children’s Day May 5 10. Navy Day July 18, 2022 11. Sports

Holiday Periods At A Glance

day October 2022 12. Bergsdagen 11 August 2022 13. Obon Runt 13 – 16 August 14. Respect Day Senior Tuesday Monday 15 September. Autumnal equinox around September 22 23 16. Tokyo Citizens Day October 1 17. Culture Day November 3 18. Labor Day Thanksgiving November 23 19. New Year’s holiday around December 28 – January 4 Japan used to follow the Lunar New Year, but for economic reasons they switched to the Solar New Year.

During this time, all company employees go to their hometowns to visit family, travel to enjoy Onsens, and spend a few days at the ski resorts. For this main reason, many shopping areas are often closed from January 1st to 3rd, while other shops and malls are open to the huge crowd that comes with friends and family to buy Fukubukuro.

Famous shrines and temples will also have lines running all day at the main shrine for Hatsumode or their first visit for New Year’s wishes and good luck. Japan has 16 national holidays throughout the year, but unfortunately for those who can’t wait to take a break, three such days in 2023 fall on a Saturday: National Foundation Day in February, Shōwa Day in April, and Autumnal Equinox Day in September.

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