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Chhath Puja 2023 – Chhathi Maiya is worshiped on the Chhath festival which is mentioned in the Vaivarta Purana Brahmins. According to legend, Manu Swayambhu’s first son, Lord Pariyatti, had no sons, hence he once suffered a lot. Maharishi Kashyap asked him to perform the Yajna according to the word.

At the advice of the hermits, he performed the yajna to the boy. King and other members The family was very upset about this. Then a craft appeared in the sky on which Mata Shashthi was sitting. After the Lord prayed to her, he introduced himself – I am the daughter of Manas of God Shashthi Devi. I protect every child in the world and bless every mother.

Chhath Puja 2023

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childless person On the last day of Chhath puja in the morning, Arghya is offered to the Sun God on this day before sunrise. Devotees should go to the banks of the river to offer Argya to the rising sun.

Legend Associated With Chhath Puja

After this, ask for protection for Shathi. Maya and the happiness of the whole family are at peace. After the prayers, devotees drink sharbat and raw milk. Eat a little prasat to break your fast called Paran or Parana Product Questions / Ask an Expert: +91-70211 80033 | 022-62102919 [email protected] Add / Edit / Review your order.

: [email protected] + 91-88501 99897 | 022- 62102909 Worship Service Inquire : / +91-93268 81243 Chhath Puja is a religious and cultural festival. This is the only festival where the sun god is worshiped and dedicated to Argiya.

Worship of the sun is very important in Hinduism. He is the only God we can always see. In the Vedas, the sun god is called the soul of the world. Sunlight has the ability to destroy many diseases.

with the positive effect of the sun A person gains health, wealth and self-confidence. in vedic astrology The sun is said to be the cause of spirits, fathers, ancestors, piety and service to the state. At Chhath Puja, the worship of the sun god and Shashti Maiya is achieved for human beings, children, happiness and desires.

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Usha Arghya Fourth Day

culturally The main characteristic of this festival is the simplicity of its traditions. Love of purity and nature. Kharna is the second day of Chhath Puja. Kharna means fasting all day. On this day, the devotee is forbidden to drink a single drop of water.

In the evening they can eat gur ki kheer (Jaggery Kheer), fruit and chapati filled with ghee. Worship of the sun god lasts four days. The first day of Chhath is called Nahay Khay. Taking immersions in water, especially in the Ganges, is taken on this day.

The women who observed Chhath ate only one meal of the day. Rama’s story is another example of the importance of the Chhath Puja. Lord Rama and Matasita are believed to have fasted together, even during the ‘Kartik’ period and ‘worshiped’ to the Surya god.

When is celebrated in Chuklapaksha Since then, Chhath Puja has become an important and traditional festival in Hinduism. Devotees chanting on the banks of the river at sunrise or sunset is helpful. As the sun’s energy has lower levels of ultraviolet rays during these two times, the traditional festivals also show the best of their best and help you to pamper your mind, soul and body. Kartiki Chhath Puja is

Religious And Cultural Significance Of Chhath Puja

A religious festival held in India’s ‘Kartika’ month, which takes place in October and November. Held this year from 9-12 November, it is a four-day Hindu festival dedicated to the sun god Kartiki Chhath, marking the second half of the festival as the first Chaiti Chhath takes place in early April and May.

Chhath Puja ends with Usha Arghya, a day when people fast 36 hours without water or food. At the end they offer ‘Bihaniya Arghya’ to the rising sun. This festival is celebrated in the eastern state of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh.

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and in Nepal, in Hinduism, Shashthi Devi is also known as Manasdaughter of Brahma Ji. In the Puranas, she is also said to be Mother Katyayani, who is worshiped in Navratri on Shashti Day. Shashthi Devi is said to be Chhath Maiya in the local language of

Bihar-Jharkhand placed the Chhath puja Samagri in a bamboo basket. Put all the pras in the soup and light the lamp in the soap. Then all the women stand in deep water with traditional soap in their hands to offer argaiya to the sun.

Second Day Of Khar

The religious ceremony of the Chhath Puja is believed to have begun in ancient times as evidenced by the Vedas Rigveda, an ancient text of Sanskrit Veda chants. There are chants in praise of the sun god and similar rituals.

This event also finds mention in the Mahabharata, a Sanskrit epic poem described by the Draupadi as following the same traditional ritual. in hindu culture The light from the rising sun is very important and has healing properties and can cure diseases to improve the health of family, friends and the elderly.

Devotees pray in the morning facing east for the rays to fall in front of them. Address: RUDRA CENTER C-308, Neelkanth Business Park, Behind Vidyavihar Railway Station, Vidyavihar West, Mumbai-86, INDIA. Chhath is of great importance even from the point of view of science and astrology. The sixteenth of Kartik Shukla Paksha is a special time in the sky when the sun is in the southern hemisphere.

The direct impact of harmful radiation will hit people’s eyes, stomach and skin. The worship and offering of Argiya to the sun at Chhath puja is not to injure a person with ultraviolet rays. Thus, the importance of sun worship increased.

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There Are Scientific Facts Attached To These Rituals

The scientific history of Chhath Puja also goes back to the Vedic times. Ancient ‘hermits’ used this method to survive without food by obtaining energy from the sun. This, of course, is done through the Chhath Puja ritual. On the third day of Chhath puja, Arghya is offered to the sun god during Kartik Shukla Shashthi.

Arghiya was offered to the sun along with his family. During Arghya, water and milk were offered to the sun gods, and Chhathi Maiya was worshiped with a turret filled with soap. After sun worship, Shashthi Devi songs are sung in the night and vrat katha is heard.

: +91-88501 99897 | 022- 62102909 For worship service inquiries : / +91-93268 81243 The second day of Chhath is called Kharna. On this day, fasting without water is performed from sunrise to sunset. Fasting ends after sunset after offering food to the sun god.

The third day of fasting begins after Prasad on the second day. Chhath Puja is dedicated to Lord Surya. Lord Surya is worshiped during the four days of Chhath Puja. Fasting Chhath Puja is mainly practiced by women for their welfare.

Chhath Puja Arghya Method

Chhath Puja is particularly popular in the neighboring Indian state of Bihar and Nepal. Said’s poem states that the Draupadi and Pandavas, the rulers of Indraprastha, present-day Delhi, performed the Chhath Puja ritual under Introduction of the revered Guru Dhaumya

By worshiping the god Surya Draupadi removed all her troubles and moreover helped the Pandavas regain their lost kingdom. On the second day, known as Karna or Lohanda, worshipers fast from sunrise to sunset. after worshiping the sun and moon

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They prepare offerings of popped rice, bananas and rice for the family. after eating the sacrifice They fasted for 36 hours without water. Fasting without water for one day takes place on the third day of Chhath Puja. The offering of protection at sunset is the main ritual of the day.

It is the only time of the year that Arghya bestows upon sunset. On the third day, fasting continues through the night. Parana is performed the day after sunrise. Chhath Puja, also known as Sun Shashthi, is celebrated on Kartik Shukla.

History Of Chhath Puja

Shashthi This festival is celebrated 6 days after Diwali and is celebrated mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand with great fanfare. On Chhath Puja, worship of the sun and Chhathi maiya allows You gain life, wealth and happiness. In recent years, Chhath Pooja has gained a special significance as a public festival.

This is why the festival is celebrated with great merriment and show. to give him life The king was very pleased with the grace of the gods and worshiped the goddess Sashti Devi. It is believed that after this worship, this festival is celebrated across the world. Chhath Puja is dedicated to the sun god.

The sun is the god that appears to all beings. It is the basis of life for all beings in the world. Besides the rising sun, Chhathi Maiya is also worshiped on this day. According to Vedic astrology, the Chhathi maiya or Chhathi mata protects the offspring and ensures their longevity. Chhath is an ancient Hindu religious, cultural and historical ritual originating in the Indian subcontinent.

This festival is usually celebrated for four days. and including various rituals This includes abstaining from drinking water, fasting, and taking holy baths. However, there is no worship of idols. This day is celebrated in honor of the Sun and Goddess Chhathi Maiya who gives life to the world and fulfills special desires. Any time astrologer Ask any time online astrologer.

Significance Of Chhath Puja The Astrological Way

To go to the river for worship There is only one staircase that goes down to the water, called the ghat, in New Delhi. The number of piers is up to hundreds. More than 500 poses were installed in 2018, showing the popularity of this festival.

Three large bamboo baskets, three soaps made of bamboo or copper, a plate, milk and glass, rice, crimson, lamp, coconut, turmeric, sugar cane, sweet potato, pear, large lemon, honey, pan, whole herd, clerk, camphor, sandalwood and sweets.

Eat tegua, malpua kirpuri, semolina pudding, ladu rice.

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