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Alamogordo Schools Calendar – The 2022-2023 school calendar is different from previous years. After the 2022 New Mexico legislative session, Alamogordo Public Schools will find they can opt in or out of extended learning time and K5+, said Pamela Renteria, Alamogordo’s assistant superintendent for teaching and learning.

“We adopted the calendar and estimate back to start in August and finish before Memorial Day,” Hallbeck said. “We think that starting the transition years early is a great idea to make it easier for students to settle into the new environment.”

Alamogordo Schools Calendar

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The mission of the public school system is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become productive citizens. We are also committed to helping our community of parents, teachers and educators build better relationships to improve student outcomes.

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“We wanted (the students) to have a big transition day, a very important day for the students: going to a new school, a new environment, getting to know the schedules,” Renteria said. “We really wanted them to feel special that day and be able to make the adjustment without a lot of other people.”

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